Heroes & Generals – G43 Guide (German Starter Weapon)

Here you will learn how to use the g43 like a god.


Alright so the you decide to join the germans you will be issued a G43 as the standard rifle it may seem that the rifle sucks and you want to ditch it right away DONT DO THAT! Okay so as the germans most weapons will have to be unlocked through the G43 so you might as well get good with it now if you do not want to be using rifles then you can go into the sub machine gun skill tree but anyways G43 is not the most welcoming weapon for people.


Okay so here are the states for the basic G43.
48 or so damge at 75m then proceds to drop off to about 43 damge up to 150m then it stays at that dps for the rest of the range.
Now if you decide to use attachments it can improve it.

How to Use the G43

So when you get the G43 its fire rate will not be that good at all so i highly suggest to put a trigger on it right away the get bullet with the green tip on it as it will improve the gun alot. Getting sights for the gun is not the best thing to use your credits now the scope for the G43 is great as it allows you to get those longer range shots now if you do get the scope you should get the scouts barrel to go with it as it will improve the range.

So the G43 is a medium range weapon as in you dont want to be up close with it but not far away so when you are positioning your self you want to make sure you know where you can be flanked from because someone with a smg might rush you and then you are sol.

With the G43 it is important that you hit the headshots with it also that you control the weapon just cause its a semi doesn’t mean you should sprey with it control where you shoot and get used to the sights if you sprey the kick on the gun will throw your sights off the target.

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