Infliction – I Remember Achievement Guide (All Memories Locations)

All locations of all memories required to trigger the “I Remember” achievement in Caustic Reality’s Infliction.
While this guide isn’t entirely spoiler-free, I have tried to keep all directions and events as vague as possible.

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Locations of All Memories

Game Start

Before inputting the office lock code

  • Puppy photo [on wall in kitchen] 
  • Maggie’s drawing [on fridge in kitchen] 
  • Maggie’s birth certificate [in drawer under phone in hallway] 
  • Watch [drawer under phone in hallway] 
  • Horror VHS [On shelf with other VHS in room with big TV] 
  • Maggie’s book [in baby’s room in top drawer of changing table] 
  • Engagement ring [in master bedroom in jewelry box on top of dresser] 
  • Wedding photo [in fireplace room above the mantel] 

When you wake in the office

  • Diary for 1999 [downstairs bedroom by the kitchen, you have to walk into the kitchen and hear the radio before turning back to the see the door open] 

When you wake in the office again

  • Diary for 1990 [master bedroom in top right drawer of dresser] 

When you enter downstairs hallway

  • Medication [look on the phone counters to your right] 
  • Booze [progress to hallway with orange wallpaper and look on phone counter to your left] 
  • Counselling pamphlet [Oold kitchen under broken bottles on the counter] 

Before examining the baby monitor

  • Diary for June 1986 [in downstairs bedroom next to kitchen on the floor in a pile of clothes] 
  • Death certificate [in drawer under phone in hallway] 
  • Grief counselling pamphlet [in drawer under phone in hallway] 

After examining the baby monitor

  • Police interrogation [tape player on table in interrogation room] 

After you wake up in the bathroom

  • Diary for January 1986 [master bedroom on nightstand] 
  • Michael’s birth certificate [on phone counter in hallway] 

After entering the cabin

  • Sarah’s letter 1 [on the floor in front of the table] 
  • Sarah’s letter 2 [in typewriter on the table] 
  • Sarah’s tape 1986 [in basement on the shelf as you go around it] 

After waking up in the upstairs hallway

  • Wedding veil [in attic] 

After you wake up in Maggie’s room

  • Maggie’s diary [Maggie’s bedside table] 

Upon return from asylum

  • Maggie’s letter [go straight for the letter on the kitchen island counter, must be read before trying to leave kitchen] 

After you return from asylum

  • Sarah’s tape 1996 [in Dr. Tanas’ office] 

After returning to the basement

  • Diary for 1996 [exit basement and garage into foyer, journal sitting on the entryway table, must be done before heading upstairs] 

As soon as quest to burn items begins

  • Diary for 1999 [head straight for the room with the fireplace, journal is on the floor on the far side of the room to the left of the door to the TV room]

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