Fallout 76 – How to Manage the Stash and Carry Capacity

I would like to start this by saying that I have play every Fallout and ES game to completion, which translate into me being a pretty horrible hoarder. So when I play this titles my mind is set immediately to grabbing and mostly keeping everything for either display or just general hoarding, it’s just the way it is and I’m sure this is why there are so many complains about the stash size. With this said, I’m going to tell you what I did to overcome this issue, which could help you adjust until Bethesda do something about it.
My character is based on solo game play and One-Handed melee weapons, but you can adjust to your own game play style.

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  • Strength 15 – This is your friend, level this as much as possible. I set mine to 15 and added this perk cards: Traveling Pharmacy 3, Pack Rat 3, Sturdy Frame 2, Martial Artist 3, Strong Back 4. This will set your carry weight to 265 (530lb of armor/1060lbs of junk/2650lbs of chems).
  • Perception 6 – Based on been able to loot more items: Pick-lock, Expert Pick-lock, Master Pick-lock.
  • Endurance 4 – Good Doggy, Rejuvenated 2, Aquaboy/Aquagirl.
  • Charisma 8 – As a solo build and to make more caps when selling extra loot and going from vendor to vendor: Lone Wanderer 4, Hard Bargain 3, Travel Agent.
  • Intelligence 14 – Based on been able to loot more items and Weight reduction on PA: Hacker, Makeshift Warrior 5, Expert Hacker, Master Hacker, Power Smith 3, Portable Power 3.
  • Agility 6 – Further weight reduction and Home defense: Thru-Hiker 3, Home Defense 3.
  • Luck 5 – Luck of the Draw 3, Lucky Break 2.

This is based on lvl 50 and you add/change more cards after and just swap them depending on what you are doing as you continue to lvl and get card packs after 50.

My Stash

This is a big one, as we only have 400lbs of storage.

First, find yourself 1 or 2 power armor frames and use them to store your power armor pieces and all your power cores, never place this 2 outside of a frame inside your stash as frames only take 10lbs each vs the weight of cores and pieces…

Never keep food/drinks/chems/ammo/armor/weapons here, trust me, you don’t need it. Stick it on your inventory and keep it low, I used 1 melee weapon 1 sniper rifle and 1 shotgun and only the ammo for those. Canned dog food and purify water only. Everything else is dumped or sold.

Always bulk your junk and keep the stacks from 5 to 10 at max, sell/dump everything over that. Never put unbroken junk in there.

I keep a few outfits but never over 10lbs, I still like my style look so this was a compromised..

Nothing else should be there at all, not needed it and will make your stash much more manageable as my stash rarely goes over 350 lbs.

Power Armor

This goes without saying, a must to carry more, specially if you get the Excavator Power Armor (adds 100 extra pounds of carrying capacity). I have this one full and 1 extra PA as the EPA is weaker than the others for harder fights. So basically EPA for loot runs and easy places, regular PA for the rest.


Always loot everything! and I mean this. Every place always have a crafting bench to break down items, so go nuts on looting, specially plastics. Once you are done with the place and have broken down everything you found, simply check your inventory if you are over [censored] and dump excess steel/wood (never keep over 150 of each, no need for this) or any other junk that’s excessive, never dump glue/springs/gears/oil/plastics. Never loot ammo for weapons you don’t have/use, or Mine/grenades if you don’t use those and if you do, keep it to a max of 25, no need for more. Once you return home to dump the spoils, always bulk the junk and keep the extras on your inventory (see My Stash for limits), take the extra bulk to a vendor for sale. [But Iorail! the vendor never have caps!!!], I know but with this method I always buy some stuff from the vendor to make him get caps and then take those caps back by selling my extra stuff to him. This works well for me at least as I’m always in between 1500 and 3000 caps at all times. I usually buy plans I don’t have and I want or power armor mods, then fast travel to the next vendor, rinse and repeat.

At least this is how I have manage to partially resolve the stash limits and still enjoy the game to the fullest. You don’t have to do the exact same thing I did and this post is in no way a mandatory to this or die guide!, I’m simply trying to share with others how I did it myself. Feel free to add/discuss your own methods here.

Written by Iorail

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