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The Division - Chat Commands

Mar 10, 2016    
In this guide, we will show you all chat commands in Tom Clancy’s The Division and what they do.

The Division - Chat Commands

How to Chat in The Division

As you all can see - that in-game chat don't have any buttons to change channels. When you open the chat window by pressing Enter, you should type in one of these before trying to send a message.

  • /w [Nickname] - Change chat to private and write to player Nickname.
  • /p, /g, /group - Change channel to group chat.
  • /1 - Change channel to world chat.
  • /s – this command is used for chatting with nearby players.

About voice chat: By default you have your micro ON, so when you talk - all can hear you. If you change it to "Radio" mode - yuo can talk by pressing C button.

About emotions: You just need to assign the buttons to them. Settings -> Key assignment -> Go down and you see emotion 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Game:   The Division