For Honor – Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


That little mofo in dominion that keeps running around the map, using his horribly annoying feats to take you down from afar while you try your hardest to fight the oh so annoying peacekeeper in front of you. Or in the case of duels keep dodging to the side and hitting you. Seemingly without recieving a scratch! How do we fight such a pain in the rear you ask.

We learn his moveset of course! Which of our beloved champions counter him. And of course which of his moves you need to always be wary of!

The Moveset. In Detail!

Now let us begin from top to bottom. Eh? Also string means combo. For those of you that do not know.

Crosswind Slashes

A rather simple string of light attacks. It is able to be started from all directions and ended in all directions. It is quite easy to block and parry. But can work quite well against big foes on the ground. Out of stamina. Or if they are distracted fighting someone else. Using this string against a good player without knocking them off their feet or being unpredictable is not advised as you will get parried.

Lighting Strikes Twice

A small string of two heavy attacks. Able to be started and ended in whatever direction you desire. Very effective against foes on the ground. New players. And any tank after a parry. Again. Use this against skilled foes with great caution as you will get punished.

Tidal Wave Slashes

Heavy attack followed by two fast light attacks. Able to be started and ended in all directions. Very useful in combos and on people without stamina. Start of the combo makes this quite hard to land if used to initiate an enemy with a good grasp of parrying

Crashing Wave

Not much to say about this move. Unable to be used while locked on as you must be sprinting. Fairly useful for ganking in team modes. That’s about it.

Riptide Strike

Now we’re getting to the more spicy moves. Now this is a move that can both be used with great skill…And great failure! It is a dodge followed by a heavy attack and can be used very effectively to dodge the enemy. While also delivering a swift, very hurtful counter attack! Use at own risk. High risk high reward.

Storm Rush

A little bit like the move above. Can be used to dodge the enemy attack. Then move in for the kill! Has many similarities to the move above. Although this one is much better if you want to be more confident that you will not get your face smashed in or cut in half! Takes a little longer to perform with all the extra movement. But the parry window is smaller as the attack itself is faster.

Lighting Strike

This light attack gap closer is very fast and very good for…Well. Closing the gap! Very useful move. Mix this in with some unpredictable stance switching before use and it’s almost always a guaranteed hit on most. Just make sure to not spam it. Otherwise they will learn!

Zephyr Slash

Sideways version of the move above. Extremely useful for dodging any overhead slash coming your way. It also goes through things like raider’s unblockable swing. And if you time it right it also gets a free hit on a charging shugoki. Very solid move.

Wind Gust

Very precise move that requires you to dodge in the direction of the opponent’s swing just as you’re about to get hit. Only to follow with a smashing the pommel of the katana into the gut of the enemy! Very good for getting out of tight situations and following up with some deadly moves! Just remember it’s a pain to execute consistently without practice.

Hurricane Blast

Heavy attack version of the move above. Once again hard to execute consistently without practice. But well worth the practice! Be aware a lot of light attacks from various characters is fast enough to stop you from using this move. So only reccomended on slow brutes or if they are out of stamina!

Now. There are a couple of things I must mention that are not under the moves. And I saved the best for last.

The bread and butter of the Orochi arsenal is his overhead light attacks. And is what you must always look out for above all! It is the ultimate way to kill new players. And if done right works very well against better players too! If one goes into the overhead stance and performs a light attack. You get another light attack for free! And on top of that you also get to take it further and be able to combo it even longer with various moves! You can test it using all the moves you have learned here.

I almost forgot. Using light and heavy attack at once gives you a very fast sweep attack! It takes half of your stamina but is sometimes exactly what you need to finish your opponent! I shall show you an example.

Look how wounded the poor enemy is. And I even failed the full combo! You are free to experiment more!

This conludes the end of the moves.

Other Champions and Counterplay!

And here we are. The final chapter of the chaotic mess that is my guide. And the one where I will need the extra feedback! Seeing as I do not have all the proper knowledge of every character. This would be very helpful dear samurai!

We shall go from one faction to the other. And rate the difficulties from a scale of one to ten. Ten being the hardest.


Let us start with the Warden. Fast overheads. Very good running attack. Unblockables. Easy to pick up. Not the hardest to master. I would advice caution. Meeting such an armoured, frontline soldier could surely mean the end! I shall give it a 6.5/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


We move on the the Conqueror. Quite a pain in my bottom! Able to continue bashing and attacking until running out of stamina means that if he finds you next to a wall you are in a most difficult position! Combined with his higher resistances and the ability to charge his attacks up. Stay away from any walls and make sure to be careful he doesn’t get that shieldslam off of you. 5/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The infamous Peacekeeper…One of the most dangerous foes the noble, agile samurai can encounter! A skilled peacekeeper will get close and use her faster attacks to make sure you will never get a heavy attack off! Combined with her near infinite chain of attacks that require very little stamina. Along with a dangerous guard break triple stab combo. Your best bet is to try to go for parries and use your double light attack combo. 9/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Lawbringer. I have not met many of theese foes in my travels but the ones I have are slow. Yet brutal! If you let him hit you with his heavy attacks you will be dazed. And before you know it you will be thrown across his back to land on your ♥♥♥. Taking his pommel to your cranium. Many of theese opponents love to charge at you to impale you. I advise plenty of dodging and a few guard break combo attempts! 5/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Raider. A massive hunk of muscle known as a viking. Wielding a massive, slow battle axe. The agile samurai makes quick work of such slow brutes! Being able to hit him between most of his swings. Along with being quite easy to parry. Although they are quite an easy target for swift samurai like yourselves. If they manage to tackle you down…Expect a world of hurt! 3/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Warlord. A very large, very angry viking wielding a norse arming sword and a round shield. They are quite hard to kill. And mainly rely on their enemies’ futile attack so they can counterattack with twice the force! I advice guard breaking and playing mind games to try to make them use their unblockable grapples which leave them open! 5/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Valkyrie…A most painful opponent to ever meet! Wielding a javelin and a small shield they run around the battlefield. Sweeping enemies off their feet before stabbing them on the ground! 6.5/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Kensei. An honourable samurai wielding heavy armour and a long odachi! They make up the frontline of the honourable samurai empire. Inspiring the weak and causing havoc with their swift combos that contain unblockables! A skilled kensei is a most honourable opponent. Proceed with caution! 7/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Shugoki. A massive brute that many merely call a demon with a massive club! He charges through the enemy lines. Knocking other warriors over from the sheer momentum they bring in their battle charge! They are very slow. But they are very hard to touch without getting your back broken. Or worse. Letting them medieval baseball with your corpse! Luckily the agile samurai has a very good tool to deal with theese demons. The double overhead strike seems to be very effective! 4/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Orochi…Yourself. Meeting a fellow agile samurai is just as one might expect. A pure skill encounter. You have the same training. You’re both a complete pain in the rear to everyone you have encountered. Good luck…I am not quite sure if a pure skill matchup would be a 5/10 or 10/10. Eitherway use your superior skills and judgement!

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)


The Nobushi. A long range, female warrior wielding a naginata that makes one bleed just from staring at it! A skilled nobushi is hard to get close to. But once you get close use your training and you should make quick work of them if they do not find a way to get you in the distance they want! 6/10

For Honor - Orochi Guide (How to Use and Counter the Samurai Effectively)
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