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Age of Civilizations II - Cheat Codes

Written by Bruno Buccelati   /   Nov 22, 2018    
Age of Civilizations II - Cheat Codes

Like an other games aoc have cheat codes. Today I will show all known cheats.

Cheat Codes

Firstly, to enter the cheat code, you must first go to the country menu, and in the line "Type a Message" enter "hi".

  • addciv [tag of country] - adds civilization in selected province.
  • addplayer - adds new player in selected country.
  • army - +300 warriors.
  • money - +450 money.
  • population - adds population to selected province.
  • civs - shows tags of all countries.
  • diplomacy - +0.7 movement point.
  • id - get id of selected Civ.
  • war id1 id2 - declare war bwtween Civs.

Written by Bruno Buccelati.