Artifact – How to Get Free Tickets or Cards for Free

Hello dear why don’t you stop and listen how you can get Free tickets or Cards in Artifact, yes yes thats right Free now come closer and I will tell you how!

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How to Get Free Tickets or Cards

First thing! Artifact uses the Market! Yes, the Market this is how we get Free tickets or cards how you say! O my dear let me tell you!

Just play any other game on Steam and get cards or items from TF2, Dota 2 or whatever then sell them, yep! Now go to Artifact buy 20 of any card that cost little to nothing and recycle them! And there you go 1 Free Ticket.

Now everycard game lets you pay with time and you can do it here too thx to the Market it ain’t really free but lets be honest it ain’t in the others games you have to spend the time either way.

Also lets be honest you don’t need to be a genius to do this… But lots of people belive that they can’t get cards or tickets “free” and what they mean by free is not using the creditcard this is why I did this “Guide”.

Also I just play Casual Draft because it’s free and I don’t care about ranked, Praise Valve!

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