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The Stim Engine

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Humanity’s collective desire to become more than human, to not only mend, but augment the human body arose in the Golden Age of Destruction, those precarious decades when humanity was simultaneously at the peak of cultural and technological progress and systematically killing its own habitat exactly thereby. In fact, development of genetic and electronic augmentations was intertwined with the inevitable ecological decline, the idea being to make humans capable of surviving in a world that would soon reject their very presence.

At the beginning of the 22nd century, Quip Corp presented the first generation (and, at that time, pretty limited) range of Stimulation Modules: intricate implants running on the host body’s own metabolism and spliced into its central nervous system, boosting body functions by a mixture of hormone release, bio-electric impulse overrides and mechanical amplification. However, stims only became mainstream with the release of the Stim Engine, a streamlined automated operating theater capable of correctly implanting stims without the need for a specialized surgeon. Needless to say, Neocine sued Quip Corp for violation of their rights to medical practice, the following epic lawsuit resulting in Quip being taken over as a Neocine subsidiary firm.

Too late, though. The Stim Engine was out in the open, and soon homemade implants popped up on the bazaars: reverse-engineered self-made stims or modified original stims with their safety limits disabled, allowing for amazing feats along with the risk of torn muscles or irrevocably fried nerves and braincells. Despite Neocine’s best efforts, those hyper-stims continue to dominate today’s body upgrade (black) market, the only solace being that the ones suffering from the side-effects of stims gone haywire will probably end up paying for Neocine’s services anyway.

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