WAR DUST – Class Guide

Basic guide for each class and gear.


This guide is to give information about each class and give some pointers and tips for each class. Please note that this is not an indepth guide; I am not master at this game or warfare but hopefully you will find it helpful.


  • Weapons: Assault rifle
  • Sub weapon: Pistol
  • Grenade: Yes

This is the basic infantry class in War Dust. If you’re new to the game, you can’t go wrong with it. This class, while it’s ultimate power house lies within mid range combat, it is also pretty strong at both close and long range combat, depending on your customization. There’s not much overhead to this class, it’s fairly self explanatory. Your job is to kill enemy infantry and take points.

Tip: Burst fire or single shots. Remember this well.


  • Main: Rocket Launcher
  • Secondary: Pistol
  • Grenade: Yes

Ah the Engineer class. Easily my favorite class on some maps and my absolutely most hated on others. This class is mainly for dealing with armored vehicles, helis, and (somewhat) Jet fighters. Your basic stinger can take out any vehicle with three hits. Remember that it is designed for anti-vehicle combat. While you will, on average, lose out in infantry battles, you aren’t totally helpless. With a pistol in your off hand and the rocket launcher in the other, you can also be a serious threat to foot soldiers as well. Just don’t expect to go rambo with this class. Remember, the rocket launcher has a short downtime inbetween missiles so always to go with a guerrilla warfare tactic when it comes to tanks.

Tip: The stinger (rocket launcher) comes with an auto targeting system when it comes to aircraft. On the left side of the stinger, just line up the sighting (diamond) with the vehicle marker (box) until it goes red and press fire. The missile will chase the vehicle until it hits (hopefully). Helis are almost always susceptible to this but good jet fighters can dodge it pretty easily. Don’t let that deter you though; keeping a jet pre-occupied with stinger missiles can be just as beneficial as a kill. They’ll be too busy trying to dodge you to actually contribute to the battle.

Tip #2: When you can, use both hands. In my experience, this makes it easier to aim the sight for aircraft vehicles and it makes the missile fly straighter, longer (assumption, needs to be tested further).


  • Main: SubMachine gun
  • secondary: None
  • Grenade: None
  • Special: Health kit and sandbags

Support, my 2nd favorite class! While this class seems very limited when it comes to offense (trust me, it’s not), it comes with two unique items; Health kit and sandbags. When you are not dominating any close range battle with your submachine gun, you can actually provide cover and much needed healing for your teammates.

To place a sand bag, just grab it with your off hand, and throw it in the general direction of where you want it. instantaneously, a line of sand bags will appear before you and anyone adjacent to you. This blocks all enemy shots and they can “tank” one missile or tank round (they will disappear after this). This has a very short cooldown, and they stack on top of each other, so you should be doing this CONSTANTLY. Seriously, this can change the tide of battle for your team. I can’t count how many times I managed to take out entire squads just because of this mechanic.

Health Kit:
The health kit is pretty self explanatory but extremely useful and I don’t see enough people using it. To utilize the health kit, just grab it and throw it/place it on a teammate to give them instant health. It has a very short cooldown, so use these as much as possible, whenever possible!

Tip: Remember, the title of this class is SUPPORT and that’s for a good reason. While you are nowhere the weakest class when it comes to damage output, the assault class still outguns you at mid to long range. You should be focusing on supporting your teammates. Don’t go rambo with this class. It’s not that you can’t; it’s that you shouldn’t. Your team will be best served with you alongside a few teammates, and providing them with health and cover.

Tip #2: The sandbags are a great tool but learn to use them efficiently. The sand bags always land perpendicular of the DIRECTION you threw them, not how they land or where you are looking. I know that seems simple but it can be frustrating when you forget this little tidbit. Also, don’t be annoying with them. Don’t throw sandbags in teammates’ line of sight or anything silly like that. Also remember; SANDBAGS ARE CLIMBABLE. Use that to your advantage!

Team Formation

My recommended set up, if you have a squad that is communicating well is either:

  • Two assaults
  • One support
  • One engineer


  • One assult
  • One support
  • One engineer
  • One scout

I know many people don’t like playing engineer but I find having one on the battlefield is EXTREMELY helpful at all times, because often times, when a tank shows up and there’s no friendly armor to fight against it, your team is screwed until someone dies and respawns as an engineer, wasting precious time and lives in the meantime. Always have at least one support and I honestly could take or leave a scout. If you’re going to have a scout, make sure you’re actually SCOUTING: sitting somewhere high up, giving positions and information to your squad mates.

Written by Potato Zezak

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