Tokyo 42 – The Pain that is Cop Drops (Public Enemy #1)

Cop Drops are malevolent pains, but this guide is the pain killer. Sort of.

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The Rules of Cop Drop

All credit goes to mida!

This quote is the best summarization of Cop Drop.

  • It starts when you slaughter enough civillians.
  • There is a minimum amount of Cops you must kill per round. Kills made by shields do not count. I’m not sure if the minimum varies, but I do know that 1 seems to be the minimum for most rounds…
  • If Cops lose sight of you for too long, they run away and go Clear. You have to start again.
  • Shield Cops will use a different weapon when all other non-shield wielding comrades are dead.
  • Not so much a rule, as it is a bug. Logic tanks do not always die when they fall off of the map.
  • The achievement related to this (Public Enemy #1) unlocks at Wave 7.
  • There is no shame in lowering the difficulty.

Location Matters

If you want to beat Cop Drop, you should pay attention to your location.
The ideal location has…

  • Plenty of cover.
  • Low population/Low Gang activity.
  • Few cars.
  • Very few entrances for your Nemesis’.
  • Plenty of ground to run to if you get pushed out of your cover.

Why do you not want cars? If, like me, you don’t quick-aim shields, cars can move over your cursor and cause your shield to be open for bullets.

Some good examples of good locations are the Maze before the Factory and the Mountain.

The Mountain’s gangs are avoidable, Nemesis’ are limited in entrances, Trees and height give effective cover, but cars are aplenty.

Tokyo 42 - The Pain that is Cop Drops (Public Enemy #1)

The Maze has plenty of cover, obviously, but there’s a chance enemies can land on the roof and shoot down upon you. Instead, use the roof. Thin walkways make great filters and funnels for enemies and allow you to line tanks up for you to deflect their bullets back at them with the shield. Being on the roof also means enemies may, on occasion, fall down. Obviously there is little cover, so you must be mobile and take out snipers quickly. Your shield can be your best friend.

Tokyo 42 - The Pain that is Cop Drops (Public Enemy #1)

Fran’s Arena could potentially be a good location, but it is very difficult to get Cops to follow you over there. Cops are difficult to spawn over there because it has no population to slaughter, and if you try leading them over they often lose sight.

Small areas where enemies fall off are bad ideas. As mentioned before, Tanks do not die when they fall and you must make at least one kill each round.

Dealing with Various Enemy Types

  • Most Cops use can grenades. They can force you out of cover quickly. 
  • Most Cops can be manipulated in to shooting other Cops. In large clusters, this can be useful. 
  • Pistol Cops are quite basic. You don’t need to be told how to kill even the most basic of grunts, right? 
  • Rifle Cops can be evaded by changing your path and using cover, but in groups they can be quite oppressive when spread out and can restrict where you can move to. 
  • Shotgun Cops are also basic. They often miss their shot, but in groups the bullets can restrict where you can move to. 
  • Sword Cops run straight at you. If you’re forced in to using a shield and one of these guys runs at you, be scared, because swords ignore shields. If they happen to rush at you while you are deeling with a tank with a shield, you should be safe. The tank’s bullets with kill them. 
  • Shield Cops abandon their shields once all other non-shield wielding comrades are dead. You could also use a sticky grenade, stick it to their shield and that will kill them (usually). 
  • Snipers are possibly more oppressive than tanks, especially when combined with them. Kill who you can, but do not be afraid to leave kills you deem risky. Make sure you can see them and get behind cover. You may want to snipe them from afar, because being close is a bad idea, especially when their bullets are the fastest moving. 
  • Tanks should be dealt with at close range with a shield, to deflect their bullets back at them. Multiple of them is not as bad as it sounds, because they often group up in lines or on the same spot and follow the same path. They can, however, jump if you run too far away, are too high up, or they can’t make a path through to you unless they jump.
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