Paladins – Battle Pass 3 – Remix Challenges Guide and Tips

A guide on how to quickly unlock the ‘Battle Pass 3 – Remix’ challenges.

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Tier 1: The Intro

Play a match as Skye

Self explanatory.

Shield for 50,000 in a Single Match

Play any match with a shielding Frontline. You should be able to play as normal, if you get an enemy Bomb King and they’re running Demolition then this should be ezpz.

Easiest champions to get this with

Ash with Fortress Breaker and cards to increase the time, Fernando with Aegis, Makoa with Half Shell Ruckus with Flux, Torvald with Thanks, Grandpa.

Doesn’t work with Inara and Terminus for obvious reasons. Barik, is also not very good at this as his shield duration is too low and most people will just ignore shooting it. Khan isn’t too good as he doesn’t do anything while he has Lian’s Shield up.

Kill 10 players with Broadside (Dredge)

Pick Dredge and play as normal, Onslaught is the fastest way. SPAM AWAY YOU SCRUB!

Get 5 Triple Kills

You should easily get this playing Dredge just like above.
You can try playing against the A.I. in the Training modes if real players give you too much trouble.

Heal 500,000 Health

Play Furia with Solar Blessing. Alternatively. Play Ying with Lifelike or Life Exchange and buy Morale Boost. Ying has a very high healing potential is very easy to use especially with her ult. Seris with Void Abides with max cooldown cards, is also an option.

Play 5 Ranked matches

Self explanatory. Luckily you don’t have to win haha.

Tier 2: The Breakdown

Play a match as Moji

Play Moji.

Get 50 Eliminations as Seris

Play Seris in a Onslaught mode. Use Soul Collector for extra damage and damage persecond.

Funfact: Seris can get Elimination points and Kill to Heal procs if the person she’s healing scores a kill.

Shadow Travel for 120 seconds (Seris)

If you can’t naturally get this from normal playing then try this.
Run a build with Dusk Walker and Fade to Black set it as high as you want and buy Chronos from the item shop.

Deal 750,000 Damage

Play Bomb King and use the Demolition talent.

Deal 5,000 Damage in 30 seconds

Bomb King and use the Demolition talent.
Dredge, Terminus ulti. This is super easy.

Play 5 Team Deathmatches

Play TDM duh.

Tier 3: Sentinels Survival Guide

Shield 50 players with Protection (Torvald)

Max out the card Timeshaper and buy Chronos from the item shop.

Deploy Dome Shield for 15 times (Barik)

Run the talent Hair Trigger as the faster fire-rate helps with getting your ult charged up faster and buy Morale Boost from the item shop.

Have Impassive active for 120 seconds (Inara)

Run the talent Tremors and max up the card Plateau for increased duration. Remember to take down the wall if it seems like the enemy is about to destroy it.

Absorb 50,000 damage with Shield (Fernando)

Use the Aegis Talent. Or simply play as usual.

Assert your Dominance 10 times (Ash)

Run the talent Rally Here and buy Morale Boost from the item shop.

Hit 10 players with Reanimate (Terminus)

Play Onslaught..

Tier 4: Kings Combo

Everything in this tier is best done in training against bots in Onslaught.

Kill 5 players with Charge after hitting them with Fireball (Fernando)

Use the talent Scorch and get Chronos from the item shop.

Kill 5 players with Harpoon after hitting them with Broadside (Dredge)

Use the Hurl talent and do your best to time it..

Kill 5 players with Heroic Leap after hitting them with Net Shot (Buck)

Use the talent Bounce House. Lower the health of the enemy, net and land on them.
Cooldown cards and chornos can help too.

Kill 5 players with Flare after hitting them with Talon Rifle (Strix)

Use the talent Unauthorized Use and a few points in the card Dexterous to swap faster.

Kill 5 players with Pounce after hitting them with Daggers (Maeve)

Use the talent Street Justice, the rest is pretty self explanatory.

Kill 5 players with Nade Launcher after hitting them with Fire Bomb (Tyra)

Self explanatory, can be played with any build or talent. But use the talent Mercy Kill if you’re having trouble.

Tier 5: Encore

Play Siege or Onslaught training for all of these.

Earn Top Play as Seris

Use the talent Soul Collector and buy Morale boost from the item shop.

This is the easiest one to do solo. Build up your stack and when the enemies bunch up, you ult them and kill them off by yourself.

With the exception of the Seris quest, the rest can be done while you play with a Seris, when they ult just do your best to combine your abilities with her ult to quickly wipe the enemy.

Earn Top Play as Jenos

Earn Top Play as Pip
Earn Top Play as Dredge
Earn Top Play as Strix
Earn Top Play as Khan

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