The Prometheus Secret Noohra – Earning Points

How to achieve points.

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Going For the High Score

You must clear a stage to be credited with items you collect, except magic cards and the purple jewel. Mostly there is more than one route you can take to clear a stage, some routes can be easy while others are more risky but rewarding. As you level-up each of the orb’s abilities you can replay stages to collect additional items and log higher stage leaderboard scores.

  • Every bounce of the Fire Orb earns 100 points. 
  • Every bounce of a wooden cube earns 10 points. 
  • Force disk earns 1000 points. 
  • Ancient coin earns 2000 points. 
  • Shield orb earns 500 pts. 
  • Green jewel earns 1000 points, 500 coins & 1 jewel token. 
  • Squishing a small dark minion earns 100 points. 
  • Purple jewel earns 1000 points & 1000 coins, immediate (random spawn 6% chance).
  • Collecting mushrooms for food earns 500 points (random spawn 10% chance).
  • Breaking a clay pot earns 50 points per piece. A breaking pot can break another.
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