Gizmo – 100% Competition Guide

A guide on getting the 100% Competition in Gizmo. This includes all beacons, robot kills and crate destroys. As well as getting to the secret area in the game.

Beacon Locations

There are 21 beacons around the level that you need to collect. None are behind the time locked door, nor are any of them in weird out of bounds regions.

I could sit here and explain in text where each beacon is, or you can watch this video walkthrough I put together:

Secret Door

At the end of the level is a door that you only have roughly 1 minute to get to. Once that time is up, its closed and cannot be reopened. You have to get through the door before it closes.

The door has a timer above it that counts down in realtime.

Gizmo - 100% Competition Guide


  • You cannot collect any checkpoints on the way. You must get.
  • If you die, the countdown resets.
  • Combo together rolling and jumping for the best speed. Regular walking will destroy your momentum.
  • Dont bother with collectables, enemies or boxes, just focus only on getting to the door.

This can be tricky, but there are several time saving shortcuts you can take, Can you find them all?

Enemy Kills & Boxes

This is pretty straight forward and doesnt require much of a explanation. One of the game achievements is to get all the beacons, robot kills and boxes destroyed.

Gizmo - 100% Competition Guide


  • Checkpoints are OK.
  • Dying and restoring at a checkpoint will respawn all previously destroyed boxes and enemies, this is OK. You dont have to redo those items.
Written by Rico

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