The Prometheus Secret Noohra – XP & Health

XP and Health mechanics.

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XP & Health Mechanics

XP is earned on both the platform stages and in boss card battles. For every 1000 XP earned you will progress one level and earn bigger rewards throughout the game. The orange circular XP meter indicates your current XP earned. Your current level is the larger number inside the XP meter.

Your health is used during boss battles and is indicated by the red dial meter. Health starts at a base of 60 for the initial hero character and increases by 20 for each of the other hero characters you unlock.

Each time you die you lose both health and Noohra, a darkened soul also leaks XP every 10 seconds by the amount of lost Noohra. You will need to gain enough holy fire tokens as quickly as possible to replenish your Noohra. Restoring Noohra replenishes some health, mushroom tokens also replenish your health and can additionally be collected in stages.

During platform stages you gain XP for the length of time, coins and force disks collected. A maximum of 400 XP can be earned on a stage.

During card battle rounds you gain XP by the total value of your attack on each turn, additionally the manna value of cards you destroy. A maximum of 400 XP can be earned in a round, additional XP is awarded for defeating the boss. You however receive no XP if you lose the round, XP leak still applies during card battles so replenish your Noohra and health before you start a battle.

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