HELLION – Ultimate Guide

Getting Started


As you exit your pod, walk towards the Life Support panel, look to the left, and put on the pressure suit.
Once the pressure suit is on, walk over to the Power Supply panel, on the other side of the Life Support panel. Open it and click on the solar panels, and capacitor. Within a few seconds your stations lights should come online.

The Suit

Your helmet flashlight you can activate by pressing V by default. This will drain your jetpacks battery, but is rechargeable.
You can also raise your helmet by pressing X.
You can close any menu with either ESC or Tab.

Your next goal is to grab the EVA suit, attach the airlock to your station and get inside your ship. From there its all up to you.

Advanced Info

Inviting Friends

Going up to any cryopod, you can click the invite button and select any player you would like to
add to your struggle. Currently you can only start with one other friend, but you can expand your station with lifesupport modules, that have 4 additional cryopods.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

Logging Out

When hitting Esc, you can exit game or log out, once you have left the game, your character will remain in the exact same position you left in, including gear worn. I would suggest logging out in a cryopod as currently it seems to be bullet proof. YOU CAN DIE WHILE LOGGED OUT.

Docking Maneuvers

This game is hard, very hard, and learning to dock is essential.
The first things you can dock right away are your ship, and the airlock module. If you are learning to dock, I recomend going inside the airlock, and obtaining the EVA suit first. It will supply you with oxygen and RCS thrusters for longer then the standard suit (See Suit section).

When docking you can press R to select the door of the module you are docking. T+Mousewheel will select between which module/Ship you are trying to dock too, and once selected, left and right mouse buttons will select which door on the module you would like to dock to.

If you do not see the orange ring, try switching camera views back and forth or the wrong target is selected. You cannot dock without the orange ring showing.

Glitch: Sometimes the orange ring will appear very dark Blue, but will still work.

Reacharging Items

Recharging the Jetpack

Your Jetpack has 3 stats. Power, Fuel, and Oxygen.
Power lowers the longer you have your suitlight on (V), and can be recharged at the Recharge station by leaving it on there for a little bit.
This charge station also charges Rifles, and power packs for the drill.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

To fill your Jetpack’s Fuel and Oxygen. Attach it to the Cargo Panel.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

Once attached, open the panel.
There are a three tabs on the far right (Cargo | Refining | Slot 01).
Slot 01 is the object attached to the Cargo Panel.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

There are Three Tabs in the middle of the menu (Raw | Refined | Crafting).
While in your station you have Oxygen and Nitro in your Refined Tab.
From there, you can drag Oxygen, and Nitro into your Jetpack to refill it.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide
HELLION - Ultimate Guide

NOTE: You can pull Oxygen from your life support systems, but it is not reccomended.

Empty Canisters

Using points from above, attach the canister to the Cargo panel.
Open, and select Slot 01, and press unload. It will unload into the RAW tab. From there you can select. Refining, and drag the Resource into it, converting it into refined materials.

NOTE: Some people claim there refining does not work.


Pressure Suit

Found: Main room of staition and other common locations.

Features: Helmet Visor retractable (X) + Helmet Flashlight (V).

EVA Suit

Found: Airlock module and other uncommon locations.
Features: Toggleable H.U.D (X) + No Flashlight.

Wearing the EVA suit’s helmet while in breathable enviroment will not consume Jetpack Oxygen.

Compare Stats

Pressure Suit / EVA Suit

  • Oxygen – 6 / 20
  • Nitro – 6 /10
  • Ammo – 4 /2 
  • Medical – 2 /4 
  • Component – 6 / 6 

Medical / Weapons


Small Medpack.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

Large Medpack.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide


Military assault Railgun.

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

Altcorp Rifle (20 Rounds).

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

Military Assault Sniper Railgun

HELLION - Ultimate Guide

Zero-G Movement

Holding shift locks you to a close object and will also stabalize your left and right roll when not close to an object.

Q and E will roll you left and right respectively.

Keep yourself at a slow pace, RCS fuel is important, and hitting an object to fast will kill you.

The Ship

The ships nav systems are sometimes hard to manage. Ive noticed a bug where once you warp somewhere if you do not turn off your ftl drive it will drain all the power on your ship. So make sure to turn off your FTL right after a jump or when not in use.

The buttons on the dash of the ship control its systems. Once you have Navigation open, you can warp between stations and orbits but right clicking.

Glitch: timer will set to 0 = Click swtich to parent to fix.

Once you have picked your destination, you will have to select your warp core that you would like to use (multiple for bigger jumps) and hit initalize.

You will then have to position your ship in line with the warp and click at the 5 second mark.

Glitch: If you try messaging someone while warping, it will cancel. Unless you hit tab first.



Most valuable Resource in the game.
Refined from Ice, Dry Ice and Heavy Ice.


Can be used as RCS-Propellant.
Also used by the Air Generator to mix it with Oxygen to get breathable air.


Can be used as RCS-Propellant for Jetpacks.
Refined from Nitrate Minerals.


Fusion Reactor Fuel.
Refined from Ice and Heavy Ice.


Propellant for Main Engine.
Refined from Ice.

Dry Ice

Can be refined into Oxygen.
1 Dry Ice for 0.7 Oxygen.


Can be refined into Oxygen, Hydrogen and Deuterium.
1 Ice for 0.3 Oxygen, 0.6 Hydrogen, 0.01 Deuterium.

Heavy Ice

Can be refined into Oxygen, Hydrogen and Deuterium.
1 Heavy Ice for 0.3 Oxygen, 0.6 Hydrogen, 0.1 Deuterium.

Nitrate Mineral

Can be refined into Nitro and Nitrogen.
1 Nitrate Mineral for 0.4 Nitro, 0.5 Nitrogen.

Some Hotkeys

  • F1 – Help Menu (This essentially lists all the buttons here, but this guide gives some context on when to use some of the buttons).
  • G – Drop Item (Must be in hands).
  • X – Toggle Visor.
  • SHIFT – Grabbing (When near a surface in zero-g, press and hold shift).
  • SHIFT – RCS Stabilization (When not near a surface, piloting or your jetpack is active, hold shift. This cancels any movement in yaw, pitch, or roll).
  • T – Jetpack.
  • R – Switch Docking Camera.
  • RMB – Switch Docking Target.
  • K – Jetpack Navigation (Navigate with arrow keys).
  • V – Suit Lights.
  • T + MouseWheel – Scroll through contacts in ship (While Piloting, Normally and Docking).
  • TAB – Inventory.
  • Z – Weapon Stance.

Tips and Tricks

  • Turn off your FTL right after a jump or when not in use as this will drain massive amounts of power.
  • Do not message someone while warping, press tab to exit ship controls first or it will cancel warp. 
  • Warp timer set to 0, just Click zoom to parent to fix. 
  • You cannot dock onto a module without an orange glowing ring. 
  • When a ship or station is moving, wait for its auto RCS to stabalize it before trying to dock. 
  • Around 0.5Bar is when oxygen becomes safe to breath, but keep your suit on.
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