Dead by Daylight – How to Counter a Camping Killer

A general guide to strategies used to help counter killers camping hooked survivers. Includes all the different kinds of camping.


The creators say that camping is a legiminate strategy. whether or not you beleive this is up to you, however i have discovered several different ways to counter hardcore campers that doesnt involve an angry note in the endgame chat. This guide will cover Face Camping, Patrol Campers, and Insidious Campers.

Face Campers

When Dead by Daylight originally came out, face campers were as common as the random robot killers that would ruin a match. They have pretty muched ceased after the creators released a patch that slowed down the sacrifice speed if the killer is within a certain range. Face Camping includes any killer who stands close enough to the hooked survivor where they can grab anyone who attemps to free them instantly.

The best way to deter these campers is to form a two to three survivor team. One or two of the survivors attempt to draw the killers attention while the other saves the unfortunate victim. This strategy works only half the time as most face campers will not be distracted. If this is the case the best strategy is to fix as many generators as you can. Hopefully the generators getting fixed will tell the killer that he is going to lose if he doesnt get a move on. If not, you have that many more genni’s fixed and are that much closer to escaping this killer.

And if you know a killer Face Camps do your best to avoid getting downed at all costs.

Patrol Camping

Unlike Face Camping, Patrol camping is much easier to counter and in my opinion, a much more viable strategy. Patrol camping includes any killer that walks in a set path around the hooked survivor. whether he passes the hook once every second or just once you can usually find a window to help the survivor.

The strategy for this type of camping requires patience and a great deal of stealth. You must first figure out the basic path of the killer, including whether or not any pallets fall in their path. It is also a good idea to find a good, well hidden spot with a short, direct path to the hook so you are prepared when your oppurtunity reveals itself. The best time to take action is when the killer is about to leave the hook to begin his path. Move to the hook swiftly trying to make as little noise as possible and get the survivor off. If the killer is really close try to body sheild the injured survivor to give you both a chance to escape.

Patrol Camper are usually camping because they know a survivor is near or because their is a partially completed task nearby (such as a door or genni), as such another good strategy is to interact with said item. This strategy is effectivly but should only be used if you know there is another survivor nearby. Be careful about getting pulled off objects.

One final strategy is to completley stun a killer, flashlight, firecrackers or pallet ,if available, and sprint for the hook. This strategy only works on rare occurences but is extremely effective.

Insidious Campers

Generally this is the easiest form of camping to counter. The killer stands back, turns “invisible”, and waits for a surivor to try to rescue their friend from the hook. So for almost any situation its about as difficult as rescuing a survivor while and invisible wraith stands nearby. However , it is seen quite often that killers who play the trapper, are insidious campers.

Countering a camping trapper is difficult enough as it is. The strategy of placing traps at the bottom of the hook makes rescuing survivors take twice as long. And if your not paying attention you could become the next victim. The best way to counter a insidious, camping trapper is with firecrackers. While the flashlight will work against these killers, its slower and in order to have enough time to rescue them you need to quickly blind the killer and then begin to unset the trap. The fire crackers will not give you enough time however so you will also need 1 other survivor to body sheild you while you get the hooked survivor down.

This strategy will only work once however so its best to be extra careful and watch for random hidden traps lying out. if another survivor gets hooked the best thing to do is to fix genni’s and hope the killer leaves them, cause he’s not gonna be made a fool of twice.

Final Notes

Remember: If a killer is camping, dont yell at them. It is very difficult to get used to most killers and those who are new to killing will often take up camping if they are losing too many matches. So, instead of yelling at them, tell them how annoying it is to be camped and maybe give them a few suggestions. You’ll see it works out better in the end.

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