ATLAS – Early Game Survival Tips

Please note: all credit goes to Jack Bright!

Things I’ve figured out or have been told by the community in the early stages of the game to help you progress.

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Food and Water

You need to eat four food groups to maintain a balance of nutrients.

  • Vitamin A: Vegetables.
  • Vitamin B: Meat.
  • Vitamin C: Berries.
  • Vitamin D: Fish.

Vegetables include Oregano, which looks like a very green bush with spade shaped leaves.
Meat is self explanatory. Kill something.
Berries look like a tall bush with red stuff all over them or an ankle high bush with flowers.
Fish are in the water. Stab em with a spear, drag the corpse to shore, and butcher it.

Meat and fish are best harvested with a pickaxe, hatchet gathers more hide.

To get water, go prone and click the ground to begin a digging minigame. A spout of water will appear.

Do not overeat any food group, or you will get sick and probably die.

Escaping the Island

You’ll need to be around level six. EXP can be gained rather quickly through murder hunting.

Select the skill Construction, then go into the construction tree. Unlock Seamanship and you’re good to go!

Remember to bring plenty of food before setting out.

If you hit the level cap and can’t unlock it, don’t worry! You can respec for free from the inventory page once per level.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can respec for free once per level from the inventory screen.
  • While the game has a lot of different resources, most of them are the same. To give an example, hemp and straw are both “Fiber,” and you can see that as an icon next to their picture.
  • Cows and alligators drop prime meat.
  • Pigs have a pack mentality and will gang up on you.
  • Swimming does not drain stamina.
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