ATLAS – How to Level Up Fast

Fast method to level fast in atlas.

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Level Quickly

Alright i am going to explain this in a few steps the method depends if you spawn on a lawless island or a freeport.

Step #1: Craft yourself a bow with atleast 50 arrows or more then once you crafted the arrows go look around the island for alpha creatures they give loads of experience!

Step #2: Alpha boar gives decent amount of experience not to much but it will make you from level 2 to 8 in around 3 minutes of shooting it with arrows. For flawless areas you have bigger kills walking around like for example alpha rattlesnake, me and my two friends at level 8 we got 35 shared experience not sure if you shoot yourself that you get more then 35 might be but it got us from level 8 to 16.

2-3 minutes of hitting it with pikes this was not working out at all cuz 1-2 hits from the snake and you will have to much torpor and get knocked. if you are knocked or one of your tribe mates are they wont receive any xp.

Future testing of other alpha monsters will happen when i got time to check it out but so far the rattlesnake alpha is a winner if you want to receive level 20 + fast.

  • Alpha pig experience 3.50 experience.
  • Alpha Rattlesnake 35 experience.

Other alphas i came across where cows, horses on my island but they didn’t give any experience at all so not worth your time. I yet have to find other alphas that give high experience.

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