The Wall – Beginner’s Guide

Main Menu

Hub: This is where you will start matches, customize weapons, and juggle skills.

Tutorial/Guide: Here you’ll find the in-game guides on what everything means.

Report A Bug: The developer does receive these messages.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

News: You’ll see important information regarding the status of the game here. It is up-to-date most the time and will provide announcements like server status and such.

Poll: A little out dated, but the developer does receive this information. You can go through it multiple times and submit your opinion several times… don’t. One question regards classes, that’s not in the game anymore, disregard it.

The Hub

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Play: This is where you will start matches. Queueing for Versus will scale to the number of people in queue. So, if 10 people are searching, you should get a 5v5. If only 2 are searching, you’ll get a 1v1. Queueing for Co-op will most also use the same scaling technique but will create a game with just 1 person searching, this is single player.

When inviting Steam friends to a Squad, make sure they are not in offline mode and click the refresh button if they launched the game recently. Squads will only show up as one person in the “players searching” count, but everyone will get into the match on the same team.

Joining private custom matches is… unique. Have the host click “Copy Tournament Link,” distribute the link to the players, copy the link, and click “join.” The button uses what ever is on your clipboard and if it’s a valid link, sends you into the custom lobby. Public matches are much easier to join. For these, the host must click the lock, making it public, and all the players click “Browser” and search for the host’s Steam name.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Weapons: Here you can customize your weapons. For attachments, click the one you want on the left of the screen and select purchase on the right. This button will turn into equip/unequip if the attachment has already been purchased. Each purchase cost’s 400 power cells.

You can unlock skins via cosmetic crates and this is where you can equip those skins and edit their color.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Skills: Here’s where it gets fun… and complicated. Each skill has a positive and negative effect, this is to make the game dynamic, yet balanced for new players. This screen will show you all the skills you have received via skills crates and allows you to merge and equip those skills.

You are allowed to equip up to 9 skills, of any tier, to bring to the map selection screen when loading a game. There, you will only be allowed to equip 6 skill points. Tier 3 skills are worth 3 skill points, T2 skills = 2 skill points, T1 skills = 1 skill point. This means you can bring 2 T3 skills, 6 T1 skills, or any arrangement. You cannot equip the same skill of a different tier, stacking the effects.

Merging takes 2 of the same tier skills and creates a random skill of the next tier, independent of the skills used for merging. By default the merge has a 50% chance of succeeding, but you can add power cells to the merge to increase the likelihood of success. Failing a merge will destroy the two skills being merged and yield nothing.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Crates: This is where you open/purchase skill and cosmetic crates. Every time you level up you’ll be rewarded a skill crate. On top of that, you can purchase a crate for 400 power cells. Each type of crate has a chance of unlocking a T2 skill/skin. However, you will never find a T3 skill in a skill crate.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Cosmetics! Here you can buy player model cosmetics, either through steam or with power cells.

Map Selection Screen

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

This is the screen you’ll see when you find a match. I know, a lot going on, confusing, intimidating, timer stressing you out, don’t worry, it’s not that bad.

Top left is the map selection, you can vote for as many maps you wish, pick your favorites. Scattered Desert and Nevada Pines are the large maps, Alpine and Abandoned Desert (only map the wall falls) are the medium maps, and Desert Island and Mall are the small maps.

Bottom left is the mode selection, timer, and chat. There are currently 2 modes, generator defense and TDM. Generator defense requires your team to defend your team’s energy generator and destroy the enemy team’s generator. TDM is a set number of lives each team has, the first team to reach 0 lives loses. Once the timer reaches 0 the match will begin. Also, the chat is visible to everyone in the game.

Top right is the skill selection. This will show all the skills you equipped in the skills menu (up to 9) and will allow you to select up to 6 skill points. Tier 3 skills are worth 3 skill points, T2 skills = 2 skill points, T1 skills = 1 skill point. This means you can select 2 T3 skills, 6 T1 skills, or any arrangement. Each skill is categorized behind the scenes as either Economy, Defense, or Offense and the “Team Skill Balance” will change in size depending on what everyone on your team selects.

Bottom right shows the steam name and picture of everyone playing and what team they’re on.

Resource Gathering

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

This is displayed on the bottom left and shows you how many resources you have. The top bar is your HP (you can overheal to 160 by using a health station). The purple resource is energy, the blue is crystal, and the brown is wood. All the resources you see here are your individual resources, they’re not shared with the team. In TDM, hitting the enemy team’s generator grants your team resources.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Energy: this resource can be found as purple orbs when destroying crates and/or Christmas presents but is mainly acquired passively, via the energy generator. The energy generator is what the team spawns on and is the focal point of battle, it’s what you’re trying to protect. The higher level this generator is the more energy you’ll receive per second. Additionally, when the energy generator is upgraded your tools gather more crystal and wood.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Crystal: when mining ground minerals you want to make sure to always hit the blue crystal, it may be underground so dig around with the shovel until you find it. Each time a crystal breaks, the next gives more material per hit, making these much more efficient to mine than the giant crystal deposits. Once you have enough resources, you’ll want to buy a crystal generator by pressing tab and looking on the right side under the “Gen Tier 1” tab and place it on a giant crystal deposit; this will generate crystal for you passively. There are 2 types of giant crystal deposits, normal and high value. The normal ones are blue and high value once are close to the enemy’s base and purple. Placing a generator on a high value crystal will give you 1.5x the material as normal crystals. However, these generators are much easier to destroy since they’re not near your base. Upgrading crystal generators with the hammer will give you more crystal per second and you can upgrade them to tier 3. You may only place 2 crystal generators.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Wood: after cutting down a tree with the axe make sure to stick around a couple seconds because 3 logs will spawn in place of the tree, picking these logs up is the primary source of manual wood gathering. In addition, some maps periodically spawn driftwood that can be picked up (as seen on the shore line in the picture), this is another great source of wood. Like crystal generators, wood generators can be bought on the right side of the tab menu under “Gen Tier 1” and placed on either normal or high value trees. High value trees are much taller and thicker than normal trees and indestructible. Pro tip: after a generator is placed on a tree, the tree is indestructible until the generator is destroyed, making it an infinite source of wood when smacked with an axe.


The Wall - Beginner's Guide

First thing you need for combat is a gun… obviously. On the left side of the tab menu are weapons; these are separated into 3 tabs: Gen 1, 2, and 3, each being more expensive and powerful than the last. To unlock the next tier of weapons you must get your energy gen to that desired tier. Thermite Charges only do damage to structures, not to gens or turrets. Thermite Charges and C4 do the same damage but C4 detonates much quicker. Knives can be thrown by holding RMB and clicking LMB. Guns have infinite ammo but require resources to reload. All gunfire is hitscan with no drop or travel time.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

Once you have purchased a weapon look at the bottom right to see how much it costs to reload. This gun, for example, costs 150 crystal and 15 energy. The icons above this shows which skills you have equipped for that game.

The Wall - Beginner's Guide

The top of the screen indicates the game score, game type, and the direction you’re facing. In Generator Defense (GD) the score indicates each teams’ base health and in TDM the numbers represent the number of lives each team has left.

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