Parkitect – Decoration and Illusion Score

Some notes about my expierences in managing decoration and llusion score.


After playning some scenarios I tried to determine, how to design the park to get the best illusion. All I this information was discovered by experimentation and observation. There might be other aspects and elements implemented. Also this is observed with version 1.2.

Observations about Decoration Score

What decreases the score for a place:

  • Infrastructure visibile.
  • Demolished furniture (benches, trash cans, lamps).
  • Junk on the pathes.
  • Border fence.

Decoration elements increase the score but:

  • There must be elements of decoration to any direction of a place.
  • Just painted terrain does not count.
  • Terraforming can help to hide bad elements.

Observations about Illusion Score

  • The most customers start with neutral or bad illusion score.
  • The score rises when customers are at places with good decoration score.
  • The score drops when customers are are places with bad decoration score.
  • The score drops when customers see staff that is carrying stuff.
  • It takes some time to build up a good illusion score.
  • To forge illusion a slow moving ride in decorated environment is helpful (e.g. Old Cars Ride).
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