The Forest – Console Commands

The Forest has a couple of commands. Now you have to discover them.

Step #1

Type developermodeon in the main menu and press F1 to see if it works. You will see a box at the top of the screen right near what writes the forest.

Step #2

Then make a new game and go into a world. Skip the intro if you want.

Step #3

Press F1 while in the game. There. You done it. Now there will be a list of commands ill provide you.

Popular Console Commands

  • buildermode on/off – Turns off survival and enemies and enables godmode and buildhack.
  • cavelight on/off – Makes daylight from outside appear from the cave.
  • faststart on/off – Skips plane crash.
  • godmode on/off – Cannot die, unlimated stamina. and never get thirsty or hungry.
  • buildhack on/off – Unlimited resources and quick building.
  • cancelallghosts – Removes every blueprint. (warning. this is very loud if you have alot).
  • buildallghosts – Builds all blueprints (warning. its also very loud if you have alot).
  • addallitems – Adds every item from the game but story items. do twice to fill stick bags and etc.
  • addallstoryitems – Adds story items such as key cards.
  • itemhack on/off – Never run out of items. must get items first.
  • survival on/off – No need to eat and drink etc.
  • save – Saves game where your standing.
  • speedyrun on/off – Run fast. but dont die from it.
  • invisible on/off – You can walk/run in water like air. no blood particles.
  • killallenemies – Kills canibals and mutants. they respawn though.
  • enemies on/off – Turns off enemies.
  • additem 77 – Adds live rabbit.
  • terrainrender on/off – Turns on and off terrain. when off it can still be walked on.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride noon – Makes it noon until turned off.
  • forcerain heavy – Makes it rain. good for water collectors.
  • forcerain sunny – Makes it stop raining. good for bad storms.
  • cutdowntrees 10 – Cuts down 10 trees. you can choose any number.
  • cutdowntrees 100% – Just like cutdowntrees 10. but its a percentage.
  • cutgrass 10 – Cuts grass in a 10 radius. can be a long time to load if a larger size is chosen.

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