Factorio – New Hope Guide (Level 3-4 / Hard)

These are some tips for beating the 3rd and 4th levels of the New Hope campaign in Factorio on Hard setting.

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New Hope – Level 3

All credit goes to xofdibar!

  • Get the stacks of red ammo from the car (ctrl+click to transfer them all at once). You need these for your turrets. 
  • Replace the inserters and power poles on your quick access bar with bullets and repair packs. Leave an empty space on your quick access bar for the defender capsules you will recover from the first biter colony. 
  • Drive south and then east across the bushes towards the first colony. Stop just past the bushes and set up some turrets and load them with bullets (this is where having the bullets in your quick access bar is helpful; with the bullets selected you can ctrl+click the turrets to load 200 bullets each or ctrl+right click to just load 100 bullets in each) 
  • Drive toward the first colony and set up some more turrets. Then take out the biter nests and small worms (this is quite easy since you are covered by your turrets, and your car’s machine gun outranges the small worms). If your car is damaged hop out and repair it. 
  • Drive up and ctrl+click the large shipwreck to recover the items. The devender capsules should now be in your quick access bar. 
  • Drive east and then south. Launch all of the defender capsules (these are little flying turrets that follow you). The goal is to skirt around the south edge of the large biter colony 
  • Drive in just south of the worm at the south west corner of the large colony. It’s better to drive in the trees a bit (it’s easier to run over trees than medium biters). With any luck you’ll make it to the large shipwreck. 
  • Ctrl+click the large shipwreck to recover the computer. Keep running from the horde of biters chasing you and you should win after a few seconds. 

New Hope – Level 4

On level 4 if you clear the three biter colonies to the north and north east of your base you won’t be attacked for the rest of the level.

  • At the start of the level hop in your car and drive south east to the blue assembling machines. Open the 3 iron chests and remove the storage limits so the machines will keep producing while you are away. 
  • Queue up 5 repair packs and clear a spot in your quick access bar, then hop in your car and drive north out of the damaged wall. 
  • Take out the first colony (the one north west of your wall, guarded by medium worms). If you drive around the nest you can destroy all 3 of these nests while staying out of range of the worms. Fall back and fix your car from time to time. 
  • Take out the second colony directly east of the first colony. This one is fairly easy since all the worms are small. 
  • Take out the third colony south east of the second colony (east of your base). Driving around the nest you can destroy the nests and small worms first, then worry about the medium worms when you want to expand into this area. 

Now you can go back to building your base in peace, taking as long as you want.

Some Additional Tips:

  • The big worms south of your base take 6 rockets to kill, though you’ll fire 7 if you aren’t paying attention. You don’t have to kill these worms however. 
  • The worms at end of the path to the west of your base are easy to handle with your car’s machine gun if you focus on the small worms first. You’ll only have to fall back and fix your car a couple of times. The items in the large shipwrecks are nice, but not really necessary after you clear the 3 biter colonies near your base.
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