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FrostRunner - All Collectibles / Kleptomaniac Achievement

Written by SEMICOLON   /   Updated: January 5, 2019    
FrostRunner - All Collectibles / Kleptomaniac Achievement

This is a list of all the collectables position of all the levels, please enjoy!

Maps 1-1 to 6-5


  • Quick Beginnungs - Behind the third pillar.
  • Leard to Jump - Behind the third pillar.
  • Snowfall - Behind you when you stand in the pit / underneath the starting area.
  • Finding Treasures - It is located right in front of you when you spawn. can't miss it!
  • Final Test - Behind the pillar in front of you.


  • Throgh a Loop - Behind the fourth pillar.
  • Stair Stepper - On a platform underneath you.
  • Keep Up - Forward left from the finish line behind a pillar.
  • Go Around - The second time you get on to the moving platform you have too pillars to the left, between is a path that lead to the collectible.
  • Lane Changing - Located on the shortcut to the left of the spike wall.


  • Slip 'n Slide - Behind the second pillar.
  • Slide to the Left - Located on a platform in front of you a little bit to the left.
  • Half Pipe - Left of the second ice V.
  • Keep Sliding - On a very small ice ramp located in the middle of the map.
  • Snowcross - On the turn of the river hidden underneath the main one. you can react it by jumping right before the first obstacle.


  • Getting Pulled In - Behind the fourth pillar.
  • Short and Sweet - Right in front of you on a platform behind the big tower. there is a path to the left
  • Now You're Hooked - After the first hook point jump there is a platform benef the towers.
  • Quick Turns - After the third hook point , look to the left. there is a hook point there that lead you to the collectable.
  • Cadence - In the middle of the ring with red spiky crystals.


  • Getting Pulled in - Just a little right of the finish line. Simply jump towards the little platform instead of the big platform/ island
  • Big Leaps - Behind the second platform.
  • Air Time - On the top layer of the first platform you can walk between the walls and fall down on a small platform.
  • Watch the Landing - Underneath the second hook point. But there is no platform there with makes it hard to collect.
  • Left and Right - The item is located an a hiden path. You found if by falling down were you supposed to choose right ot left.


  • Chain It Together - Underneath the third hook point.
  • Down the Middle - Underneath the second hook point.
  • Falling Softly - Underneath the sixth hook point. 
  • Up and Over - Left of the third hook point inside a ring of red spiky crystals.
  • Finish Line - Over the first hook point. there is a second hook point behind the first one, use that to reach the collectable. 


  • Credits - In the middle of the big ice pit.
  • Insanity - Al collectables are located right in front of the finish line.

Written by SEMICOLON.

Game:   FrostRunner