Dead by Daylight – The Bellboy Guide (Wraith)

Before You Read

This guide will teach you multiple things on the Bellboy, known as the Wraith. You need:

  • Teachable Perks from other killers (optional).
  • You will need to know how to mind game.
  • You will need to know when to stop.
  • You need patience.
  • Lastly, you won’t win every game.


Before you start a game as Wraith, several perks are great to use.

Iron Grasp 1/2/3
Not dropping survivors is great.

Brutal Strength 2/3 (Trapper Teachable, Level 35)
This perk is invaluable as it can shave off lots of time when chasing a victim.

Whispers 2/3
Although it has false positives in lower levels, this can help with tracking.

Deerstalker 2/3
Can help you keep tabs on downed survivors.

Nurse’s Calling 1/2/3 (Nurse Teachable, Level 40)
Helps when tracking self-care’s and altruism.

Dying Light 3 (Shape Teachable, Level 40)
If you play our cards right with this perk, you can buy yourself amazing time.

Save The Best For Last (Shape Teachable, Level 30)
(Does not combine with Dying Light) Since 1.4, this is a great replacement for Unrelenting.

Sloppy Butcherer + Bloodhound (Bloodhound is a Wraith perk)
The fast bleeding and distinct pools are a great tracking tool.

Stridor (Nurse Teachable, Level 30)
Can help when finding victims.

Shadowborn 3
Although it was nerfed, the FOV and Brightness are useful.
With this perk, you are very prone to flashlights. It is recommended to be very quick in turning away or don’t run this perk at all.

Predator 2/3
Amazing for tracking escaped prey. Can also help in finding survivors running Lightweight.

The First Two Minutes

When the game starts, the first two minutes can decide a game. That’s why Whispers is an important asset; every second matters here. Look at the 360 and decide your patrol path, or as I call it, your warpath, as the hooks will become occupied quick.

Your warpath consists of this: Patrolling generators while looking for victims. Sometimes it’s best to ignore a failed skill check, but catching someone in the act of a generator is what you want.

So, you find your first victim…

Game Start

The game only truly starts when a generator is completed or someone is found. Once you spot your first victim, it’s time to uncloak…

But wait! There’s more!
Don’t just hold M2, Ding Dong and chase. Choose a herding direction.

Herd survivors away from juke spots or pallets.Herding towards cornfields and barren lands are recipes for downs.

Sometimes, you’ll only get one hit. If you lose them or down them, damage their generator, and hook them.
From here, cloak and patrol your gens. Never patrol or camp as it will earn you less points and, overall, hasten a loss. If they unhook, head their direction as there is two people herded on one side of the map. You want to make sure that survivors are doing anything but generators.


Your first kill won’t come easy. Whether it was a Memento Mori, or a hook, your game will remain slightly the same. If they are getting gens faster, leave downed victims on the floor, cloak, and patrol.

Once you get more kills, you will need to prepare for the end game…

The Standoff

The dreaded hatch.

Once you’re down to the last two, if you find them, down them. Focus on what they did earlier in the game; if they were altruistic, use the downed victim for bait. Did they play lone wolf? Patrol gens.

If you find the 4th, down him, hook and try and find the 3rd for points.

However, if you can not lock down the 4th, the hatch standoff will begin.

In this case, your timer starts ticking. You must cloak and find the hatch as quick as possible. If you are not quick, then they will escape. Once you find the hatch, uncloak and keep him away. If he runs towards the hatch, do not hit and HESITATE. If you hit, they will escape and you lost the hatch standoff. If they try and jump in, press M1 WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT NEXT TO THE HATCH to pull them out and hook them. If they don’t jump in, wait them out. If they try and flashlight, look away.

If they try and do generators, then this is a tool for you. The only way to do the generators is to give up their position. From here, the final chase begins.

If successful, I hope you’re seeing Merciless Victory. If not, no worries.

Written by Coffin Overlord.

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