Catherine Classic – Make Catherine to Always Nudes

This guide will make Catherine appear nude in all cut-scene & gameplay without installing other software.


1. Go to Catherine installation folder. It should be something like:

  • SteamLibrarysteamappscommonGooseberry 

2. Go to directory Gooseberrydatacharacter. And then do a backup of directory 03. This is directory of Catherine models and Textures.

3. Rename these files as back up

  • c03_00.nif > c03_00.nif.bak
  • c03_01.nif > c03_01.nif.bak
  • c03_04.nif > c03_04.nif.bak

4. Copy c03_03.nif into those files above.

You now will have c03_00.nif, c03_01.nif, c03_04.nif with 8,669 KB.

5. Now, Catherine will always dressing nothing everywhere except the title screen.

Written by tsu

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