Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Choose a Playstyle

Even though the game lets you play the way you want, there are five main styles that players generally follow. Of course, it’s sometimes necessary to switch from one style to another, depending on the situation.


Assault relies on powerful weapons, grenades, armed vehicles, and fast movement. Move from cover to cover, eliminate enemies quickly and find the right balance between killing opponents and managing your health. Tools of the trade include machine guns, assault rifles with grenade launcher, hand grenades, as well as mounted turrets, armored vehicles and even an attack chopper—a playstyle for those who like to run and gun.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Choose a Playstyle

Find ammo clip upgrades, and invest in anything that increases damage and rate of fire. This style is risky, so think about preservation first, then about the ability to deal damage.

Recommended Weapons

Assault Rifle/Machine Gun: Maximize firepower to dispatch enemies efficiently, even the most resilient. Machine guns are ideal against vehicles and aircrafts, thanks to their large ammo clips. Switch to a high-power assault rifle for better handling in medium range.

Assault Rifle/Shotgun: Switch to a shotgun for interiors and close combat, and keep the versatility of a high-powered assault rifle for most situations

Recommended Skills

Physical: Upgrade Stamina to be able to run and gun without fatigue, then Bullet Resistance. As secondary choices, No Pain and Car Shield might come in handy.

Weapons: Hip Fire Spread and Stable Aim are always useful. Depending on fighting habits, focus on one or the other to start with. Ammo Capacity is your next focus as soon as you reach level 5. Grenade Launcher and Vehicle Destruction also allow for great assault gameplay. At higher levels, Time to Aim is a good choice.

Item: Boost the amount of grenades carried, and why not a Flashbang for close combat breach?

Squad: If playing solo, invest in Squad Resilience to support the Assault playstyle.

Recommended Rebel Support Skills

Mortar strike is an obvious choice, while Guns for Hire comes in handy too.


Stealth relies on the Ghost’s ability to move undetected. Using silenced weapons only, stealth close combat kills, and diversion tools, an entire camp can be cleared out without triggering an alarm. Deactivate or destroy alarms and generators to make life easier. Diversion tools are also available for tricky situations, in order to make enemies move where you want them. Use vehicles as Trojan horses to enter secure areas, but don’t linger too long, as they will eventually detect Ghost presence. Push the envelope, as far as not being seen at all—completing objectives and vanishing in the dark like no one was ever there. Nothing beats watching C4 explode from a distance while no one saw them placed.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Choose a Playstyle

This is a slow paced style, which is greatly rewarding when a plan comes together. Find larger SMG ammo clips to compensate for its low power and use equipment that keeps speed and accuracy in close combat. Equip the sniper rifle with a good scope to ensure that you score one-shot kills. Also use it to disable alarm towers from afar for more security.

Recommended Weapons

Submachine Gun/Sniper Rifle: Equip both with silencers. Use the sniper rifle to get rid of snipers and isolated enemies before entering the mission location discreetly. The submachine gun’s fast handling allows you to quickly react to detection threats. Go for the headshot, since a silenced SMG packs less punch than most weapons.

Recommended Skills

Weapons: Hip Fire Spread can be useful for quick reaction shots, but go for Stable Aim if feeling super cautious. As soon as level 14 is reached, grab Advanced Suppressor to remove the penalty.

Drone: Since this tool is critical when planning a stealth mission, invest in various upgrades like Battery, Night Vision, Range, and Stealth.

Item: Diversion grenades are extremely useful for this style, while C4 allows for completion of a destruction mission without starting an alarm. Place explosives and exfiltrate before pressing the button! Parachute is also useful to reach interesting entry points.

Physical: Quiet Running and Detection are obvious choices for this style.

Squad: Sync Shot is a good tool for stealth, as teammates can silently take out targets to clear a path.

Recommended Rebel Support Skills

Rebel Recon and Diversion are recommended for stealth.


Playing as a sniper relies on the ability to shoot from afar. It mixes well with the Sync Shot ability, allowing the team to take out up to four enemies at once. Gather a variety of sniper rifles with silencers to clean enemy camps. Find a good vantage point and go prone for minimal detection risk. Quick relocations are often necessary and avoid entering enemy range.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Choose a Playstyle

The sniper is extremely tough to maintain at all times, but it’s a greatly rewarding style for approaching an objective. Finding a good scope makes all the difference so enemies can be taken out from a long distance away.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifle/Assault Rifle: Obviously, look for the best long-range weapon obtainable. The most powerful gun is not necessary, if you are a good shot. But, if using a silencer, it cannot hurt.

Recommended Skills

Weapon: Stable Aim, Stable Aim, Stable Aim. This should be the first priority. Vehicle Destruction and Time to Aim are also useful.

Physical: Detection is helpful in the long run, but invest first in Stamina for faster and easier relocation.

Squad: Sync Shot Extra Targets is awesome to develop if playing solo. Four snipers working in a coordinated manner is a devastating way to start a fight.

Recommended Rebel Support Skills

Mortar Strike and Guns for Hire are useful if going for the open fight, but for a stealthier approach, choose Rebel Recon and Diversion.


Recon relies on the Ghosts’ ability to mark enemies in order to plan a battle and minimize risk. There are a variety of tools to do so, such as the binoculars and Drone, as well as rebel support. Once enemy positions have clearly been determined, you cannot be flanked, surprised, or taken off guard. This allows you to switch to another style, from assault to stealth. Customize weapons according to these alternate styles.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Choose a Playstyle

Recon gives the Ghosts the upper hand in the war against a whole army. If you see them while they don’t see you, you can shoot first, and that makes all the difference.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifle/Assault Rifle: A silenced sniper rifle is a good tool to clean the mission area when doing recon, to dispatch snipers and other isolated enemies. Switch to Assault Rifle for the final approach.

Recommended Skills

Drone: This is the primary skill during a Recon. Be sure to scan the enemy camp 100% before attacking. Battery, Night Vision, Cooldown, Speed, Range, Stealth, Mark Area, everything is useful.

Item: Binocular Zoom and Recon are good, as well as Thermal Vision.

Recommended Rebel Support Skills

Rebel Recon is the skill of choice for Recon.


Playing as the Commander uses the player’s ability to give orders to Ghost teammates and rebels. Stay far from the action, but make the decisions that lead to victory. Give teammates move orders, plan synchronized shots, and choreograph tactical movements. Unlock rebellion skills to obtain Mortar Strike, Guns for Hire, and other additional tools. Free rebel prisoners to wreak havoc in enemy camps, and trigger inter-faction fights while you observe from a distance.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Choose a Playstyle

This playstyle is quite rewarding if playing chess master and strategist is your thing.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifle/Assault Rifle: Since you’re going to stay away from the action, a sniper rifle for support is a good idea. No need to be silenced if you’re going to snipe enemies in the middle of a firefight, they won’t hear you anyway. Keep another weapon close by, in case you are forced into close combat.

Recommended Skills

Squad: Invest in Squad Resilience and Trained Rebels ASAP. Acquire Born Leader when available.

Drone: This is also critical for you, to plan the attack and control the battlefield. Battery should be the first choice. For the long run, invest in Explosive, EMP, and Armor, to make the Drone a real weapon.

Recommended Rebel Support Skills

Guns for Hire is an excellent choice, while Mortar Strike is also useful.

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