Ding Dong XL – Game Basics (Tips and Tricks / Tactics)

This guide describes what the most comfortable way to play is, as well as how to pull off certain tactics that will hopefully improve how you play this game.

Timing Your Movements

While timing your movements might seem obvious, when I first started playing I had no idea that this played such a crucial part in the way the game is played. More specifically the beginning of each round. There is usually some sort of timed pattern to follow to ensure that you can get a couple extra points in before the game gets faster.

As you can see in the video example: At the beginning of every round, I rapidly click my mouse to get a couple points in my score early on in the round. There is a very little window of time where no obsticals are on the screen. Click your mouse as many times in this window as you can.

The Best Way to Play

Honestly it all comes down to preference, but what I’ve found to be most comfortable for me is to plug my PlayStation 4 controller in via usb cable and sit back in my chair and press the X button with one hand. For me this allows me to not have to be sitting up straight while I’m playing.

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