Quake Champions – Die Hard Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)

Die Hard medals can be farmed relatively easily and consistently with vigilance.

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Associated achievement:

  • Dauntless – Earn 100 Die Hard medals.

Preliminary information:

  • Steam achievements are unlocked via medals acquired from Quick Play, Ranked, and Arcade mode (medals earned in custom games do not count).
  • Score a kill with 1HP to acquire a Die Hard medal.

How to farm:

  • You are going to inflict damage to yourself and decrease your health point to 1 with a nailgun’s splash damage. 
  • The starting nailgun inflicts 3 splash damage without armor, 1 splash damage with armor. And the pickup nail gun inflicts 7 splash damage without armor and 3 splash damage with armor, respectively. The starting nailgun is almost always recommended for Die Hard medal farming due to its’ weaker damage, allowing you to reduce meticulously your HP much more easier. 
  • If your HP is too low to survive or you have an even-numbered HP, either pick up armor piece and carefully reduce HP by one point, or grab a health globe/get near to a blood fountain to replenish HP and then reduce it again.
  • A big chunk of HP can be taken away with more powerful weapons such as a rocket launcher and tri-bolt. 
  • Snipe AI opponents with a railgun from distance, preferably safe place, out of bots’ line of sight.




The guide is only deemed viable until the developers make any changes to the game, which can potentially make the trick significantly difficult, or impossible to execute in the future. Keep in mind that games in the state of being Early Access are more likely and frequently to be tweaked.

Potential scenarios that the developers can do to make the guide ineffective:

  • Break the game.
  • Remove Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the game mechanics.
  • Don’t allow medals or achievements to unlock in Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the way medals and achievements work and register.

Side note:

According to the statistics, Dauntless achievement is one of the rarest Steam achievements of Quake Champions. However, with the advent of this guide, soon it will be one of the least rare achievement!

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