Quake Champions – Dominating Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)

You can farm Dominating medals relatively easily and consistently with vigilance.

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Associated achievement:

  • Resource Hog – Earn 25 Dominating medals.

Preliminary information:

  • Steam achievements are unlocked via medals acquired from Quick Play, Ranked, and Arcade mode (medals earned in custom games do not count).
  • Grab the powerup 3 times in a row to acquire a Dominating medal.

How to farm:

  • Play on Burial Chamber map as Athena.
  • Pick up a powerup and move to the isolated location where the portal is by using grappling hook ability. 
  • Promptly press ESC to open the menu and commit suicide.
  • As you respawn, quickly get to the location and pick it up again within 30 seconds before the powerup expires. (Dropped powerup on the ground with nobody picking it up will expire in 30 seconds. Picking up and dropping again via death resets the timer.)
  • Kill yourself again quickly via ESC menu and repeat the process. (Picked-up powerup will expire in 30 seconds as well. don’t hold on to it for too long if you want to farm more medals.)


Quake Champions - Dominating Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)
Quake Champions - Dominating Medals (Farming in Bot TDM)



The guide is only deemed viable until the developers make any changes to the game, which can potentially make the trick significantly difficult, or impossible to execute in the future. Keep in mind that games in the state of being Early Access are more likely and frequently to be tweaked.

Potential scenarios that the developers can do to make the guide ineffective:

  • Break the game.
  • Remove Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the game mechanics.
  • Don’t allow medals or achievements to unlock in Bot TDM.
  • Make any changes to the way medals and achievements work and register.
  • Allow bots to rocket jump, use abilities to execute better movement control and maneuvers, etc..

Side note:

Prior to the Dec. 20, 2018 update, there were quite many viable maps and various locations where you can conveniently pull off this trick. However, after the update, physics for CTF flag has been applied to dropped powerups and weapons. When you die, they will bounce away from the position where you were. Therefore, it is now impossible to posit and drop powerups on a specific place with exactitude, leaving only one location within Burial Chamber map a viable place to work on the medal.

Written by Kutar FOX

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