BRAIN / OUT – How to Unlock the RGM-40 Grenade Launcher

Guide to unlocking secondary-slot RGM-40 Grenade Launcher


The RGM-40 is a secondary slot grenade launcher. The steps to get it are a bit complicated, but that is what this guide is for. If you find this helpful make sure to leave a rating and I hope you enjoy!

Required Items

To get the blueprint, you are going to need to have NOT done the scientist co-op mission. You do however need to interact with the scientist. If you have completed the mission then I’m pretty sure he will not spawn for you.

You are going to need to get the key for the apartment and it is recomended that you pick up some weapons as the bots can be dangerous if you’re not expecting them.

The images can be misleading. You do not need to pick up the radiation suits

Reaching the Scientist

You need to head to the apartments and unlock the door, the scientist should be inside. He wears a blue radiation suit and follows you around. Inside are two radiation suits to help you do the mission but if you want the RGM-40 you need to leave them as you will not need them for unlocking the gun. The scientist will respawn if you join another game which allows you to do the mission but not so vice versa. If you complete the mission then the scientist will not spawn for you which means you cannot unlock the gun.

Getting the Blueprint

The scientist holds the blueprint for the RGM-40 at all times and he will not give it up willingly. I found out accidently that you need to kill him and pick up the blueprint from his dead body. The only way I know how to kill him is as follows:

He needs to die by the bombs and you need to live.

  1. Stand in the open and make sure you can run fast (full hunger, thirst, backpack, energy drink).
  2. Wait until the siren sounds and drink an energy drink.
  3. Run for cover. You need to run for a while to make sure the scientist has a lot of ground to cover before he reaches you. This is to ensure that he will die.
  4. After the bombing is finished, go out and retrieve the blueprints.

After this, exit.

Finding the Parts

There are 2 parts you need to find in order to craft the RGM-40. This is no different from finding parts for the M72 Law and the ROKS-3 Flamethrower. Since the parts have a random spawn, they are take a pretty long time to find, but I’m pretty sure one part spawns in each game so if you’re lucky it would take you 2 games to unlock.

Final Note

Once you’ve collected both parts you should have it in your seconary loadout slot. To craft it, you need 30 gears and you need to select the grenade launcher ammo from the special slot. You can also equip the additional grenade launcher ammo if you want more grenades. This gun does 500 damage but it causes your entire loadout to revolve around this gun so it’s entirely up to your preference.

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