Tabletop Gods – Mercenaries: Alternative Picks for Surprising Strategies

Mercenaries are powerful troops available to any faction. During the Prepare for War! phase of the round, you can swap any one of your currently selected troops to be replaced by a mercenary. You can do this only once per round, however, so be careful when making your choices, as they will persist through the next rounds as well.

Mercenaries are all unique, and in the right situation they can prove very effective. Knowing each mercenary can give you the edge, or even help you retaliate when your opponent has earned the advantage. Here you will find the tips and tricks you need to confidently bring these troops into battle.

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The Witch

Mercenaries can prove to be extremely useful allies on the tabletop. Each mercenary is unique and can be drafted to replace an existing troop in the Prepare For War phase of each round. All factions are able to choose mercenaries during this phase.

Tabletop Gods - Mercenaries: Alternative Picks for Surprising Strategies

The Witch’s attack applies a damage-over-time effect to a group of enemies each time she throws her curses. She is particularly unique because she can fly, allowing her to ignore boundaries set by the board’s terrain. This makes her effective at dealing with those pesky Necromancers when they start summoning their hordes in the enemy’s back line, where they are normally out of reach. She is able to wear down enemies before they even get to your controlled zones.

Be careful, though, as a few volleys from Flesh Lobbers or Archers are enough to bring her down. On the other hand, her flight makes her invulnerable to melee troops and she is able to harass them with abandon. A single Witch can do a lot of damage to large groups of light enemies like Knights or Skeletons over time.

Tabletop Gods - Mercenaries: Alternative Picks for Surprising Strategies

When there are no enemies to attack, the Witch will return to a nearby friendly Stronghold where she will patiently wait for a new target to attack. This behaviour can make her easy to counter. If the only enemy troop on the table is a ranged unit, the Witch will move to attack it, allowing the enemy to shoot her down before she can make any more attacks.

Tabletop Gods - Mercenaries: Alternative Picks for Surprising Strategies

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