Infliction – Evil, Dead Achievement Guide

A visual guide for unlocking the “Evil, Dead” achievement in Caustic Reality’s “Infliction.” As is the nature with all guides, this contains some slight spoilers. I have done my best to keep them as vague as possible.

How to Get the Evil, Dead Achievement

The goal of this achievement is to exorcise the evil entity from your body after you are possessed! You will be able to do this in a similar way to banishing her earlier in the game as she is rushing toward you to attack you, which I demonstrate in my Bright Light, Bright Light” achievement guide video. All you need is light.

A few things to know before we get started:

  • This sequence takes place in 1999, evidenced by Sarah’s journal in the sitting room with the fireplace. This is after you have obtained the Object of Ancestral Sentimentality. Your objective during this period of time is to burn all the items you have collected through the game. 
  • During this sequence, Sarah hunts you down, but instead of killing you, she will rush toward you to possess you. You’ll know she has possessed you when some gorey images flash on the screen and you look down to see you ARE Sarah. 
  • The objective is to find a light switch that is turned off, and stand under or in front of the light, while you turn on the light switch. This will exorcise her from your person so you can continue looking for an item to use to ritually burn the items. 
  • The hardest part about completing this without dying is that when you are possessed, there are some limitations to the directions you can go without dying. 
  • You want to avoid mirrors or paintings, or sections of the walls that look like tentacles are coming out. So be extremely aware of your surroundings as you go from light switch to light switch. 
  • This is also a timed task. If you take too long to find an appropriate light switch, Sarah will end up making you kill yourself with the same knife you used to murder her. 
  • It might take a few attempts to get right, but as soon as you do the first time, the “Evil, Dead” achievement will trigger. 

Written by GameWithNikki

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