Resident Evil 2 – Tips for Dealing with the Tyrant (Mr. X)

Ive noticed the crazy amount of chumps complaining about the tyrant/mr.x being the worst thing ever so i created this simple guide to help them suck less.

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How to Hide from Him

Dont shoot or run through doors

Now you will probably be forced to do both from time to time, but keep in mind that doing either WILL cause him to head straight to that room and search it. so if you are just wandering around refrain from slamming through doors if you can, and if you dont have to shoot/kill a zombie, then dont.

What to Do if He Spots You?

Resident Evil 2 - Tips for Dealing with the Tyrant (Mr. X)

Clench those sweet cheeks and run

He cant be killed, only stunned after dumping most your ammo into his face which is not worth it at all. In order to get away from him during a chase you need to get a decent distance away from him so get 2-4 rooms away from him and he will begin looking.

If you find yourself cornered or sandwitched, you can try to side step his attacks and quickly run past him, he doesnt attack very quickly so running around him is almost as easy as it sounds. this will sometimes even work in really narrow hallways.

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