Jon Shafer’s At the Gates – Tribes and Unique Abilities

Playable Tribes in Jon Shafer’s At the Gates. 

Playable Factions

To unlock a new Faction you must either from an Alliance with its leader or conquer its capital while paying as a different Faction.

Jon Shafer's At the Gates - Tribes and Unique Abilities

  • The Goths (Alaric): Starts with 15 food and 100 Treasure (default is 10 and 40) 
  • The Huns (Attila): Can Train Horse Archers, and starts the game with one. Cannot own Structures. 
  • The Vandals (Genseric): Receives gifts of Food or treasure from Rome every coule years. Locked in a permanent Alliance with all Roman Factions. 
  • The Alemanni (Krokus): All Clans will have at least one positive Trait and nofuly negative traits. -50% Fame. 
  • The Picts (Drest): Starts the game with 8 Clans (default is 3) 
  • The Lombards (Alboin): Starts the game with all Resource Deposits Identified. Unable to train any Clans in Foraging Profssions. 
  • The Franks (Clovis): +1 Mood bonus for all Clans. Permanently at war with all Factions which don’t foow the ‘Nicene Christianity’ Religion. 
  • The Slavs (Samo): Units no longer require Supply exept when inside another Faction’s Borders. 
  • The Saxons (Cerdic): Starts the game next to the ocean with a free galley. Bonuses provided by Deserted locations doubled. 
  • The Avars (Bayan): +1 Move Point for all Units. Can Train Horse Archers. All Units require 1 additional Supply.

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