Heat – How to Tame Animals

How to Tame Animals

In this guide I will show you how to tame the different animals in Heat. For that I go into the single items in the game, which you need for a successful taming and where you can find or receive them.
Some animals can also be used as mounts but more on that later.

First of all, you need a blowpipe and matching ammunition. These need to be researched via the skill tree and can be craft. You can also buy the blowpipe and the darts for a small fee.

Heat - How to Tame Animals

Did you find the animal that you want to tame, start firing from a safe distance with the blowpipe on it. Most animals become aggresive and want to attack you.
Smaller animals such as sheep or deer require fewer darts than larger animals.

After successfully stunning the pet, you now have the option to access the animal’s inventory.
Here now the appropriate food for the animal must be set.
For example, a bear needs meat to be tamed.

Heat - How to Tame Animals

The sleeping animal now has 3 status indicators.
The top bar indicates the health points.
The middle bar the taming progress.
and the bottom bar duration, how long the animal is anesthetized.

Taming progress depends on the size and level of the animal. Should the anesthesia subside sooner than the taming progress is finished, you can continue to steady the animal with the blowpipe.

If you have successfully tamed the animal it still needs food and water.


Some animals in the game can be used as mounts.
The animals include:

  • Horses
  • Donkey
  • Bears
  • Bison

To ride this you need a saddle. You can skillen this or buy you.

Heat - How to Tame Animals

You can also buy horses and you can save yourself taming them. Have fun!

Heat - How to Tame Animals

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