Changeling – Danny’s Alternate Routes

A quick and dirty guide on how to get Danny’s non-romance endings.

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Alfred’s New Friend

  • Try to ignore the commotion. 
  • Just let it go. 
  • Can you… uh… get that book for me?? 
  • You go on ahead. I need to clean up. 
  • Thank you? 
  • Look, I don’t know, okay!? 
  • Leave without answering them. 
  • Make up an excuse. 
  • There’s no way. Sorry. 
  • Ask about Sean and Derek. 
  • Pull your hand away. 
  • There really isn’t! 
  • Yeah… no. It’s not a harem. 
  • Tell him he should have tried anyway. 
  • Head upstairs, and let them catch up alone. 
  • I don’t really know yet. 
  • I have no idea – you’re the expert. 
  • Maybe I’ll try to talk to Ewan… 
  • Try to get help. 
  • I wasn’t scared at all. 
  • Would be a shame if they changed their mind. 
  • Follow him anxiously. 
  • Silently watch them go. 
  • I’ll keep it a secret. 
  • Walk past her and pretend not to see. 
  • Leave him alone. 
  • You might belong with them… 
  • I should probably get Spencer to drive me. 
  • Shaken but not stirred. 

Create Save 1

  • Try to lose it by hiding somewhere. 

And the Wolf Behowls the Moon

Load Save 1

  • Keep trying to find a way. 
  • P-Please don’t do this… 
  • …How!? 
  • I’m still just trying to get my head around it. 
  • Do I get something in return? 
  • There’s nothing you can do alone. Go get help. 
  • Just leave him there alone. 
  • I’m going to be here for you. 
  • That could just be for stray cats. 
  • I’m… I’m so sorry for this. All of it. The fights… everything. 

Create Save 2

  • I knew I had to leave him and get help. 

Always Look Behind You

Load Save 2

  • I can’t just leave him behind. 

No More Illusions

Be sure you do not hide in the woods while being chased. Do not leave Sean behind in Slaughter – just to be safe.

  • Help the poor thing. 
  • Text Spencer to apologize. 
  • Just let it go. 
  • Did something specific happen recently? 
  • I think I’ll just read for a bit longer. 
  • Thank you? 
  • Maybe you dropped them, somehow… 
  • See if you can snoop a little. 
  • Avoid the question. 
  • Sigh, and just climb on. 
  • Ask about Sean and Derek. 
  • Squeeze his hand, and let go. 
  • Does… friendship count as ‘something’? 
  • Pfft. Save it for when they start fanning me. 
  • Stay silent for now. 
  • Join the conversation, and hope for the best. 
  • I don’t want to get ahead of myself… 
  • An active barrier…can move around? 
  • I’m going to try to talk to Ally more. 
  • Get angry and tell her off! 
  • I’m just glad you defended me. 
  • I’m so not doing this today. 
  • Follow him anxiously. 
  • Silently watch them go. 
  • I’ll keep it a secret. 
  • Help her pick up the trash. 
  • Continue watching. 
  • Definitely here with your family. 
  • Just let me get my things together. 
  • I… I’m good now… thank you. 
  • Keep trying to find a way. 
  • What is it? 
  • Well… I guess that makes sense. 
  • Yeah, well… I’m glad the act is convincing. 
  • Of course I will. 
  • Try to intervene and stop the fight. 
  • Try to reason with him. 
  • I’m going to be here for you. 
  • Exactly how much spying on me have you done!? 
  • Want to go for a walk? Get out, clear our heads a bit? 
  • I can’t just leave him behind.
Written by Argent Vulpine

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