Party Hard – Ninja Achievement (Easy Way)

Here’s the easiest way to get the achievement Ninja in Party Hard.

Chapter and Character Selection

Since the trap at the balcony in the chapter Open Air allows us to get rid of the bodies without being noticed, it is wise to play in that chapter.

When it comes to selecting the character, Katie has the special ability to kick which puts the victim to sleep.

Tips and Strategies

  • As soon as the game starts, you will see there are some guys who are about to sleep. Press R
    to pick up them and go upstairs to reach the trap at the balcony. Activate the trap and throw your victim onto it. 

  • Thanks to the special ability of Katie, you can kick the victims to faint. When you are next to a sober victim, just press E to put him/her to sleep and get rid of him/her by using the trap at the balcony. 

  • If you are away from the trap, you can use the trash cans to hide the bodies. Note: you need to kill the target before hiding them in the cans. 
  • If the distance between the trap and your current position is too long, put the victim down for a while because he/she can get sober at any time. Wait until your victim wakes up. Then, put him/her to sleep by kicking and go on. 
  • Sometimes the victim gets sober while you are carrying him/her. If that happens, stab the victim ASAP! Do not let the victim reach the phonebooth! 
  • Don’t worry about the man in black when he sees a body. It won’t affect the achievement. 

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