Far Cry New Dawn – Easy Ethanol Farming (Mid-Game)

How to Farm Ethanol

Want fast ethanol? Ofcourse you do, who wouldn’t?

All you need is a level 2/3 sniper, with a silencer, and full armor-piercing rounds (these are relatively cheap compared to what you’ll be getting per outpost take-over).

Go to the Sacred Lumber Outpost, take it over, and scavenge it for ethanol, also upping its difficulty tier.

Then, take it over again, this time there will be more level 2 enemies.

Snipe them out with regular bullets (go up top to the only empty house where you’ll have a complete overview of the outpost (it’s the only one up on the hill that has a zipline from it going down)).

If you do it undetected, which is what we want, you will net an extra 50/100/150 per difficulty tier.

From what i’ve been doing, it’s the easiest to first take out both snipers on their little towers, then take out the 2 guys by the water, then clear out the higher-up enemies, then finish off the lower ground enemies (when they are not within field-of-view of oneanother).

Scavenge it and make it level 3. This is where you’ll need your armor piercing rounds because now, there will be only level 3’s and 2 elite enemies (all with helmets).

Equip your armor piercing rounds and just go berserk on the headshots, they will die in 1 shot because crits.
on level 3 outpost, you will get (if undetected) around 450 ethanol and it takes (atleast for me) about 2-3 minutes per full clear with a level 3 sniper using AP rounds.

Written by EternalBliss

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