Metro Exodus – Technical Troubleshooting

All in one collection of solutions for multiple technical bugs. Hashtag bugs crash fix metro exodus.

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Issue: I got ~30 FPS on low and same on High settings with the descent PC

You are disabled Windows 10 Updates. You need to have at least Windows 10 version 1809. Turn on updates.

Issue: I got random stuttering / freezes when i am playing the game

Solution: It means that your system doesn’t have enough RAM. Download more RAM. 8GB is enough only for low settings. Simply buy one more RAM stick. If you cannot purchase additional RAM stick – then you need to move game to a SSD disk. If you doesnt have an SSD, well there is nothing you can do.

Issue: I got game crash with DX12. What is Wrong?

Follow step by step:

  • Check if your card supports DX12.
  • Check if you have Windows 10 updated to latest build.
  • Check if you have latest Nvidia/AMD drivers.

Then disable any third party overlay solutions.
Including a Nvidia overlay. if you still have crash at start – completely remove Geforce Experience.

Issue: I doesn’t like BLUR. How can i disable it?

Open a
C:Users%USERPROFILE%Saved Gamesmetro exodus%yoursteamnid64%user.cfg
and set r_game_mblur_scale and r_blur_level to 0.
You can edit bunch of stuff there.

Issue: My game is stuck when i ALT+TABing

Do not use alt+tab until you load new/saved game. There is no fix for that. Your game WILL stuck if you alt+tab during intro or main menu.

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