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All Landmark Locations Guide (Explorer Challenges)

There are a total of 30 Landmarks to find in Anthem. The landmarks are needed for each of the “Explorer” challenges and trophies. The landmarks are spread out over the 10 zones in Bastion.

You can get the landmarks at anytime during the game, none of them are missable. Most of them are pretty easy to find, but some are hidden away so use the timeline below to clear up any Landmarks you have missed.

For the “Explorer” set of trophies and challenges, you need to find all the districts, landmarks and hidden places in all the zones. There is a link below to the hidden places, but the districts will all unlock through general play while getting the landmarks and other collectibles.

The High Road

[0:00] The Last Sentinel

Academy Ruins

[0:23] Radio Tower
[0:43] Astronomy Tower
[1:04] Ring Gate
[1:22] The Garrison

Fortress of Dawn

[1:38] Vassa’s Way
[2:05] The Fortress of Dawn

Ruins of Shadowmark

[2:31] Sunkern Gardens
[2:51] Wrecked Gazebo
[3:11] Shadow Lock

Monument Watch

[3:40] The Monument
[4:05] The Drill

Emerald Abyss

[4:27] West Valve
[4:53] Sanctuary Ruins
[5:22] East Valve

East Gate

[5:49] Skystone Lock
[6:10] Scar Mast
[6:29] Mining Platform

Great Falls Canyon

[6:52] The Great Eddian
[7:19] Scar Tower
[7:44] The Wedged Key

Eastern Reach

[8:11] Scar Burrow
[8:34] Convector Henge
[9:00] The Hate Engine

Valley of Tarsis

[9:25] The Antium Lock
[9:49] The Faithful
[10:16] Stone Bridge
[10:16] Honor Valley Dam
[10:59] The Workshop
[11:21] Howel’s Tower

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