DiRT Rally 2.0 – 100% Achievement / Trophy Guide

An Achievement guide for Dirt rally players who want to get that little more from the game!
Intended as a guide to help.

Career Rally

The main base game achievements.

On the Ladder

  • Description: Win your first My Team event
  • How to: Under the “My team” tab start the first rally and win, The ai are easy. This should be fairly simple.

Fire Up That Car… Again

  • Description: Finish in the top tier of an Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 Daily in Community Events
  • How to: All community events have 3 tiers, Bottom,mild and top. Slowest gets bottom (obvs) and fast times go in top tier. With the audi quattro being a hell of a car, prior practice in handling it may be useful before doing the daily event! Aim for the fastest time and hope you get top tier! These races are under the my team tab.

That’s Dedication

  • Description: Complete 3 Weekly Community Events
  • How to: This doesn’t require you to win, however you might need to buy a car! Simple do 3 weekly events, 7 stages. Easy money and a achievement.

We Had to Change the Girboks

  • Description: Repair your car before a stage and win
  • How to: As far as known, This is just a fix at a event pitstop and carry on to win a race.

CAUTION, Don’t Cut

  • Description: Complete a stage without damaging your car
  • How to: Key word, complete, no need to win, Easiest stages are Spain. Go nice and slow.

Don’t Knock my Line

  • Description: Spin 3 times on a stage and win
  • How to: This can be 3 consecutive spins (First spin doesn’t count) Try catch a ditch or a rock to spin you out. Might just come with time and luck.


  • Description: Fully research and apply the maximum engine upgrade to 5 cars
  • How to: A grind, but I’d choose the cheaper cars to start this.


  • Description: Complete your first AI Challenge
  • How to: Under the my team section, you’ll find the challenges, at the end of the list you’ll find the “Ai” challenges, Complete one. No need to win.

When in Doubt…

  • Description: Set the fastest time on a stage with high surface degradation
  • How to: In custom events you can set the level of surface degradation. Set to high, go flat out and win!

Against the Clock

  • Description: Complete 10 Time Trial events
  • How to: In the free play area, Time trials, Complete 10.

Bringing the Thunder

  • Description: Win 10 stages in the rain
  • How to: Under custom events, make sure all are set to rain, Some stages don’t have a rain option (only overcast) Make sure it’s wet! and win.


  • Description: Complete a stage in Dry, Overcast, Rain and Wet conditions
  • How to: This should come naturally over time. Chose the same stage each time in a custom event to do this easily.

The Right Way Up

  • Description: Roll your car during a Rally stage in Australia and continue
  • How to: Just like flipping the prawns on a BBQ, Go right over and land on all 4 wheels, carry on and win.

Rally North America

  • Description: Complete 3 Rally events in New England with the SUBARU WRX STI NR4
  • How to: Go to custom events, choose the Subaru nr4 and New England, Do 3 events. No need for a win.

Fine Tuned

  • Description: Create and save your own tuning setup
  • How to: Just before you race, you have a tuning setup, Enter that, change 1 thing and save. Done! You can always revert the setup.

Taking the Scenic Route

  • Description: Win a Rally event in New Zealand
  • How to: Nice and simple, As such this can be done in any mode.

Around the Gloeb

  • Description: Complete an event at every unique location
  • How to: Fastest way of completing this would be under custom events. Rally cross is included.

Rocky Road

  • Description: Complete 10 stages in Argentina
  • How to: As it says, Complete 10 “different” Stages in Argentina, Reverse counts.

Keepin it Real

  • Description: Complete 15 Rally Stages with Hardcore Damage enabled
  • How to: in custom events you can turn Hardcore damage on, also in historic and under settings in menu. Complete 15 stages.


  • Description: Win your first event with Hardcore damage enabled
  • How to: This will come when aiming for “Keepin it Real”.

Wheel Spin

  • Description: Win 10 stages without using any assists
  • How to: Go into setting and turn off all driving assists. Win 10 stages, Choose a easy stage with a easy to handle car.

A Noteworthy AdVANTAGE

  • Description: Win 5 events in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4
  • How to: 5 Spanish stages (1 over 5 events) in Vantage GT4. Come first in each one. You can restart if you make a mistake, however when you finish the event you can’t re-do the event.

Viva España

  • Description: Win a Rally event in Spain driving the VW Polo GTI R5
  • How to: Same as the Aston Martin Vantage one. However this has to be done in spain! Do any stage in spain in the VW polo GTI R5, Come first.

Pro Driver

  • Description: Win an event in the Renault Megane RS RX
  • How to: Only 1 course, Come first, Remember don’t forget to do the joker lap!

Polo Club

  • Description: Finish 5 events in the VW Polo GTI R5
  • How to: This doesn’t require 5 wins, only 5 finishes, I did 5 in spain as part of the Viva España Achievement.

Golf Club

  • Description: Win 3 events in the Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V
  • How to: Under custom events, make 3 events, finish first in a golf GTi 16v.

Career RallyCross

This is for all the Rally cross Achievements. Rallycross is a lapped based circuit including Rally cars with short gears.

Antilag Engaged

  • Description: Purchase your first FIA World Rallycross Supercar
  • How to: Buy your first Rally cross car! I’d do rally stages first to get the cash.

It Would Be Bakke’RUDE Not To

  • Description: Win every Qualifier, the Semi Final, and Final in a World RX event
  • How to: Sounds hard, but if the ai are all set to a lower difficulty, this shouldn’t be too hard. Things that will help (practice in being a decent driver) upgrades to the car, and lower ai setting.

Wouldn’t Expect Anything More

  • Description: Win a Rallycross Qualifier by less than a second
  • How to: This will either come first time with luck, or you’re going to spend a while trying, All I can suggest is to keep doing Quali in a custom event until you get it within a second.

Monster Energy Supercharge Award

  • Description: Get the fastest start in a World RX Final
  • How to: This is from a fast launch, Letting go of the handbreak when it goes green Is a help, including starting in 2nd, having all upgrades to the car.

Going the Extra Mile

  • Description: Complete 2 Joker laps and win
  • How to: Doesn’t work in a custom event or community event! Do the joker first lap, catch up and when everyone else goes in, go in for a second joker. Just make sure you follow through and win!

Clown Car

  • Description: Complete 50 Joker laps
  • How to: This will come in time, plenty of Multiplayer, and career and you’ll soon add up. If you’re in a rush to get it, you can just set several laps.

World RX Champion

  • Description: Win 8 Events in the FIA World Rallycross Championship mode
  • How to: The ai will be fierce! But with practice and time, Win 8 events, keep calm and make sure you’ve done every upgrade needed.

Velkommen til Hell

  • Description: Complete 5 Rallycross Events in Hell
  • How to: Hell is the Norway track. Complete 5 events (not needed to win)

Consistency is Key

  • Description: Complete 3 consecutive laps in a Rallycross Qualifier all within a second of one another.
  • How to: Do this on any track you’re comftable with, choose a high number of laps, try keep 3 laps all within a said time and it’s yours. I find this easier if you don’t push too hard, but don’t go too slow, keep a consistant pace.

Speedy Machine

  • Description: Complete a Full Format Rallycross Event at Silverstone
  • How to: This includes all practice,qualifing and the Race. all at Silverstone.

Custom Events

These are under the Freeplay area. Custom event.

A Household Name

  • Description: Finish a Custom Championship
  • How to: Make a custom championship in the freeplay area, and finish it, You do not need to win! (however) Winning will get you the “tough competition” Achievement.

Tough Competition

  • Description: Win your first Custom event
  • How to: As said above, Just win the Custom event, Finishing the championship will grant another achievement.

Eat my DiRT

  • Description: Complete 20 Custom Events
  • How to: Nice and simple, Just make 20 simple easy to win custom events and finish, No need to win, This should come natrually.


These are the History Rally stages, in the freeplay area.
You have a choice of cars from said era and set stages, Win the championship.

Classic Rally 2.0

  • Description: Win your first Classic Rally Historic Championship
  • How to: Nice and simple, You have 2 cars to chose from, The classic mini cooper or the nissan datsun. As nice as the datsun may look, FWD is far easier to drive. If you’re a skilled driver then chose either, if you’re new, get the mini and go flat out!

Back to the 80s

  • Description: Win your first Back to the ’80s Historic Championship
  • How to: Same as the achievement above, chose whatever car you fancy, taking note that FWD is easier and AWD/RWD are harder. Win the said stages and the achievement is yours!

Past and Present

  • Description: Win your first Present Day Historic Championship
  • How to: Choose your car and win the championship! All of these cars will have the same specs. and give nearly identical speeds and times. how they feel and which you prefer is another thing. I like the vw and the skoda. Good luck!

Modern Art

  • Description: Win your first Modern Classics Historic Championship
  • How to: As said before, choose a car and win! Best of luck!

Group B Master

  • Description: Win the Group B 4WD Masters Championship
  • How to: The description is pretty self-explanitory, Win and it’s yours!

Time Machine

  • Description: Complete 3 Championships in Historic Championships
  • How to: This will come automatically from winning the others.


These are achievement that can be done at any time and have no meaning to the actual game.

Watch the DELTA

  • Description: Purchase every Group A car
  • How to: Nice and easy, You’ll need some money before you do this.

Living the Dream

  • Description: Purchase all five Group B AWD vehicles
  • How to: Once again, nice and easy, bit of a grind for the money however! Only the AWD for these!

Some Minor Wear and Tear

  • Description: Purchase 5 cars from the Classifieds
  • How to: Under garage, when buying a car, Any of the used cars. Buy 5 different ones.

Flight School

  • Description: Complete 25 jumps of 30m or more
  • How to: Best place I have found for jumps so far is poland! Get a fast car and go over the jumps! Rinse and repeat 25 times!

An Expensive Hobby

  • Description: Earn 1,000,000 Credits
  • How to: Seems a lot but this will soon come around, This is earn and not save, So you can spend as you go!
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