Shadowverse – How to Build Blood Deck

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1. The best spell in whole game, yeah you could draw card in 0 point cast, deal 2 dmg with 1 cost, deal 3 dmg which could snipe the enemy caster for 3 point, and 5 point to wipe out the field with 3 dmg, dmg any thing on the field include enemy and your caster.

2. All the monster in blood could transform into different type, so when you battle went badly, all the troop in your army would fight in double efficiency.

3. Maybe you would dmg your caster a lot, but remember blood have everything, syphon, heal, die heal, almost anything in your faction could easy recover that dmg, while other faction already die in the process.

Blood maybe seem risky but it’s really have the best battle value thought out the whole faction, I guess it’s call high risk high paycheck.


1. Too many cards than dmg your caster hp, which may cause serious back slash when enemy could rush down you hp in same time(so you may want to remove some card which low value but dmg your caster.)

2. It’s very high difficult for beginner, I recommend played sword man or forest before play this faction, since this deck are hardcore only, one single mistake you could result in enemy overwhelm you.

3. Unlimited blood is trash… you don’t want to fight in a place where everyone put in 9/8 monster, while you tried to play a self dmg card…


Below are mine deck, I not a blood main player, so I only pick in some example bronze card, you could change it’s while you open a much higher tier card to improve this deck.

1. You need to rush out as many card in early, so the blood pact this kind of card are key point to victory, reize this kind of neutral monster could draw card by addition 2 points often come in handy.

2. See most of my card around two points cost, because blood are heavy rush faction, the more disadvantage you keeping the fight when later stage, you want to dmg enemy caster as fast as you could do.

3. If the battle really went badly, the low tier card still could use enhancement or vengeance to keeping fight, so most of the spell in blood could dmg enemy caster, you may want to throw spell on enemy caster when possible, since blood troop true dmg are pretty low compare to other faction.

Shadowverse - How to Build Blood Deck

Fight Way

Early (Rush, Rush, Rush)

Drop in card which could draw spell, or drop in swarm card depend on you begin draw cards.

Shadowverse - How to Build Blood Deck

Remember save spell which could hit enemy caster, sometime you may want to throw on enemy caster and take a hit, rather than clear few enemy monster and lose the whole match.

Shadowverse - How to Build Blood Deck

Later Stage

Remember save some transform low tier card in hand, some of them are could burst out insane of dmg.

Shadowverse - How to Build Blood Deck

Still you could put in well card for failure safety, sometime when fight went really later stage, this card could save you troop several time.

Shadowverse - How to Build Blood Deck

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