When the Darkness Comes – Clocks Positions (Chapter IX)

This guide mainly contains a map of the Chapter IX (School), where you have to find the 8 clocks, as I’ve noticed it was a bit harder than intended.

Chapter IX (School) – Doors Locations


I’ve been reading reviews and comments, and I noticed the Chapter IX was a bit harder than I had intended. So,I thought I’d share with you the aerial map of that level, annotated with the doors locations and names. Hopefully, this will help, even if just a bit 🙂

Doors Locations

When the Darkness Comes - Clocks Positions (Chapter IX)

The Player starts in front of the Pool door.

Some Trivia

  • The Machine doesn’t transport you into a new room, but gives you one clock as soon as you approach it.
  • The map is based off the real-life French school called “Lycée Lakanal”, but obviously much simpler, and a bit different.
  • The pool was an extra addition to the original plan (the player is believed to exit the school’s premises while travelling to the pool).
  • Approaching the Mannequins do not count towards any special event or achievement. They are simply part of the decorum.
Written by Sirhaian

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