GTA 3 – Myths and Legends

This is a collection of myths and legends in GTA 3 (Locations, NPCs, etc).


Abandoned Beach

The Abandoned Beach is located in Portland near the Stadium, no Peds are spawning there, well not normal Peds it is rumored that Ghosts will spawn there.

Bloody Cell

In the mission Kanbu Bust-Out you must save a yakuza member from prison by blowing up the wall of his cell, when you do that you will see blood. The myth is real but also somewhat false in the german version they removed all the blood in the game.

Cedar Grove Woods

Cedar Grove Woods is located in shoreside vale located, many myths are located there. The most notable ones are: bigfoot, woods creature, abondoned vehicles, catalinas ghost and also the area is heavily glitched and it is possible to fall in to blue hell and ghost town

Ghost town

Ghost town is the area where the first cutscene of gta III takes place it can be accesst by glitching in there, with a dodo.

Haunted Opera House

The Haunted Opera House is interresting, gta 3 is set in 2001 liberty city, and the prequel GTA Liberty City stories in the exact location there is a cemetery. Because of that fact that there was a cemetery and now a Opera it is speculated that ghosts haunt the opera.

Haunted Bathroom

Haunted Bathroom is located in Bellevile Park and it is rumored that ghosts spawn at midnight(and you hear footsteps if you believe the myth) . No Peds spawn there and the room is coverd in graffiti.

Liberty City Cemetery

Liberty City Cemetery is connected to the Opera myth.

Ocean Portal

As many of you know when you try to swim in gta 3, vc, or lcs you will drown instantly. But in some locations you can jump in the water and glitch out and you will be teleported.

Shoreside Vale Safehouse

The safehouse is located in Cedar Grove, and it is romured that demons are spawning in this area, and are causing claude to hear strange voices.

The Tunnel

A Horror film in gta, the movie is assumed to be based on the Porter Tunnel. It has been theorized that the tagline contains a cryptic context about mole people. Homeless people are part of an urban legend in real life Liberty City, these people are rumored to be the homeless living under tunnels in groups. Also a group of homeless people are spawning there, and the tunnel is said to be connected to Darkel (a removed homeless mission giver).

Upstate Liberty

This is located north of the map. But you can’t really access the area because there are either invisible walls or other things that block the player from accessing. It is theorized that Upstate Liberty is a city from Manhunt (another game from rockstar).

Zaibatsu Corporation

Zaibatsu Corporation was firstly introduced in GTA 2, they are a Criminal organisation. They were rumored to be also a gang in gta 3 but where removed or replaced by the Triads and Diablos.

Creatures and People


GTA 3 as animals, like seagulls and dead fishes and other animals are theorized or refrenced to spawn in liberty city.


Bigfoot is rumored to spawn in Cedar Grove Woods, he should attack the player and is extremly dangerous.

Catalinas Ghost

The antagonist of gta 3 get’s killed in the last mission. And the ghost of her was seen Cochrane Dam and other locations. She also should be extremly hostile to the player.


Children existed in the beta of gta 3 and were removed from the final game. But some people say that children still exist in the game. There were some clues for the existens of children, like destroyed school buses.


The most known myth of gta 3. He was removed. He was a mission giver and should give you missions were you make terrorist attacks on peds. It was theorized that he was removed because of the terrorist attacks that took place during 2001. But rockstar said that he was removed because he and his missions didn’t fit the game. Ironicly some of his missions are still in the game but with a few little changes.

Fish Factory Ghosts

Turtle Head Fish Factory is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of Triads members killed in the mission Blow fish.

Hannibal Lecter

Some of you know him from movies and novels. He is a cannibal and a sociapath. The character Donald Love could be inspired by Hannibal Lecter. As Donald love make refrences to cannibalism and also necrophilia(sex with dead corpses, a trade that Hannibal Lecter hasn’t). Hannibal Lecter is also referenced in GTA San Andreas.

Marty Chonks

Marty Chonks gives the player missions. And he is just a myth because he has a similar model as a ped that is rumored to be a serial killer.

Strange noises

Strange noises are train sounds shoreside vale, the sounds are placed in the wrong locations.

Serial killer

This ped attacks the player unprovoked, and should spawn with weapons.


He is rumored to be Darkel and should be encounterd in the Subway tunnels. He also is a myth in gta 4.

Salvatore’s Ghost

Salvatore is the leader of the Leone Crime Family, he later get’s killed in the story. And his ghost should spawn at his mansion after he dies.

Street Criminals

Street criminals are Npcs that steal cars from NPCs and from gangs they also are robbing other NPCs.

Suicidal Pedestrians

These are Pedestrians that commit suicide.

Zombie elvis

A really known myth because it’s also in gta vc and san andreas. It involves the newspapers.

Written by illuminali [W-G]

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