The Isle – Carnotaurus Gameplay Tips

This will help you not die as a Carnotaurus against anything

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How to Use Carnotaurus

When you are a Carnotaurus you are the speed demon of the isle and as your turn radius is very bad u want to be careful to not get stuck on trees or small rocks as u will easily die from dinos of tier 4 and above so avoid forests on MOST ocasions as nothing except Hypo Carnotaurus can catch you, on another bad side, your start up speed is really slow allowing close ambushing dinos to easily bite you if you are not aware (try to keep about 2 carno lengths apart from your opponent when you are bleeding them out, plus it doesn’t make a difference if you crouch and then run). As Carnotaurus (And Hypos in general) doesn’t have an ambush and adding on your very bad turn radius, if u miss your prey, (depending on what dino it is) you won’t be able to get them again for example Gallimimus or Dryosaurus which can easily out turn your Carnotaurus and nibble on you. You are a bleeder type so don’t be risking attacking too much as it can lead to fatal injuries, what you must do is bite them once (if they are a dino of your size then you will have to do this) and then wait for your own bleed to heal then bite again.

Prey Items

Prey items range in a number of sizes to be fair, for solo carnos you should be able to kill atleast Sub adult rex/giga downwards for carnivores that u can take on and for herbivores u should be able to take on Diablo and below (Diablo is really hard because of its turn radius and hitbox) but the main dinos you want to focus on for carnivores are Dilos, Utahs and Ceratos as they are the easy ones of the carnivores but if you feel you need a bit more challenged prey, go for Sub Rex or Sub Giga and if you want the hard ones go for an Allosaurus or a Suchomimus. For herbivores focus on Pachys and Maias as they will have a hard time getting away from you.

This is me taking on a full grown Ceratosaurus and winning with not much hp left in a 1v1 solo.

The Isle - Carnotaurus Gameplay Tips

This was I when i took down a Sub adult Rex.

The Isle - Carnotaurus Gameplay Tips

This is me taking down 2 Paras as a Carnotaurus.

The Isle - Carnotaurus Gameplay Tips

This is a Sub Giganotosaurus.

The Isle - Carnotaurus Gameplay Tips


There are only few threats to a Solo Carnotaurus (things you cannot kill by yourself). The Trike you should never challenge and the Rex aswell which you can dodge head on but your worst opponent is the Giganotosaurus which has a massive bitebox and is very hard to dodge head on. Hypo Carno is also a big threat and the Hypo Utah may be your worst opponent as it is most likely faster and stronger than you (going off the Hypo Spinos speed and Hypo Carnos, the Utahs will fall in 54kmph) But even then these guys are escapeable.

Escaping a Hypo Carnotaurus

Now this guy is Faster than you and can 1 shot you but he also has a pretty bad turn raidus so what you want to do is to run into a forest where the trex sized hypo carno is gonna hit a tree and probably get stuck but if you get stuck instead you will most likely die. When you see that it has got stuck find an area with lots of trees covering in one spot and hide there and open your menu and wait for your log out (keep your camera in the opposite direction of the hypo so eg if u run north away from hypo keep facing north and keep your camera to south as you will hear the footsteps sooner and will be able to log out in time).

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