Torment: Tides of Numenera – Permanent Bonuses Guide

The guide shows all permanent bonuses in Torment: Tides of Numenera and where you get them.

Sagus Cliffs

Reef of Fallen World

  • +1 Health – fail smashing check on getting one of the hands.

Circus Minor

  • +1 Quick Fingers – get cypher “Prestidigitator” from failing smashing check on the rocks.
  • +1 Tidal Affinity – learned from Tol Maguur, solve quest “Beloved Slave”.

Cliff’s Edge

  • +1 Speed – win 3 times against the Aidan Sitabo.
  • +1 Speed – kill Aidan Sitabo.
  • Ability “Clawed Gauntlets” (+4 Unarmed Damage) – buy implant from Jernaugh.
  • Ability “Jagged Memory” (+1 Melee Damage) – buy implant from Jernaugh.
  • Ability “Encroaching Darkness” (heal 8 Health once per day) – buy implant from Jernaugh.
  • Ability “Blood Nanites” (Immunity to Bleeding/Burn) – buy implant from Jernaugh.
  • Ability “Numenera Analyzer” (+5% Lore: Machinery, +5% Lore: Mystical, +5% Lore: Natural) – buy implant from Jernaugh.
  • Ability “Artificial Eyeball” (+1 Perception) – buy implant from Jernaugh.

The Fifth Eye

  • +1 Intelligence and +4 Health – talk to O.
  • +1 Intelligence – let Dhama look into your head.


  • +1 Might – “get to work” for the overseer.
  • +1 Might – go fishing everyday, the third item you get is cypher “Abtrucense” with permanent +1 Might.

Buried Crossroads

  • +1 Intelligence – use the book “The Tome of Singing Thorns” (puzzle solution: blue, red, indigo, gold, silver).
  • +1 Intelligence, Might or Speed – inspect the tiny lenses [UNCONFIRMED, haven’t got this option].

The Calm

  • Ability “Clear Mind” (+1 Intelligence, Might and Speed) – solve quest “Infestation”. 

Valley of Dead Heroes

Valley of Dead Heroes

  • +1 Intelligence, Might or Speed – get cypher “Savant’s Slipknot” from acid pool, it increases the highest stat by 1.
  • +1 Intelligence – determine the nature of the darkness and bind yourself with it [UNCONFIRMED, haven’t got this option].

Necropolis Tomb

  • +1 Lore: Machinery – visit 50 tombs and give the cypher “Philiactery” to Silver, choose teaching reward.

Miel Avest

  • +1 Resistence – buy cypher “Blood of the Elements” from Lady Anshe.

The Bloom

Ioxu’s Shanty

  • +1 Concentration – buy cypher “Embrace the All” from Ioxu.

Chiurgeon’s Slump

  • +1 Lore: Machinery, Lore: Natural or Lore: Mystical – buy cypher “Essence of Knowledge” from Sheen.
  • +3* Intelligence, Might or Speed – buy cypher “Impure Essence” from Sheen, [* BUGGED: should increase the highest stat by 2 and lower both other stats by 1, but actually it increases the highest and the second highest stat by 2 and lowers the last stat by 1 … so you get 2 + 2 – 1 = 3 stat points from this].
  • -1 Health – play test subject during quest “What the Winds Took” (its a malus, so use other options instead).

The Vast Interior

  • +1 Intelligence – after opening the passage to trade post, help traders with their cart and get cypher “Orb of Perception”.

Little Nihliesh

  • +1 Tidal Affinity – talk to Aen-Tozon and Kwherezimian.
  • +1 Intelligence and +1 Lore: Machinery – get “Ancient Spirit Cube” from Crimper and repair it.

The Ascension

  • +1 Speed – use “Gauntlet of Murder” dropped by Doran.

The Gullet

  • +2 Intelligence – get “Candy Dispenser” from Murden, use it twice to get 2 cyphers with +1 Intelligence.

Heart Interior

  • +2 Intelligence – dig deep into the memories of the bloom.

Reflection Abilities

Note: You can only have 4 reflection abilities active at a time. Speak with the reflections in “The Calm” to active or deactive an ability.

  • Ability “Nychthemeron Defense” (Enemies receive a random negative fettle when attacking you in melee) – talk to the Nychthemeron and free it, only works at night if you broke the clock. 
  • Ability “Seria’s Peace” (+1 Intelligence, Might and Speed) – solve quests “Ashen Imitation” and “The Sorrow’s Prey”.
  • Ability “Choi’s Balm” (+1 Endurance) – solve quests “Endless Horror” and “Severed Child”. 
  • Ability “Choi’s Balm” [upgraded] (+1 Endurance, +2 Might, +1 Intelligence) – to upgrade the ability visit Choi’s grave, visit her fathers grave, talk to Ronus Cai’sul. 
  • Ability “Inifere’s Madness” (+1 Might edge, +1 Intimidation, -1 Intelligence) – solve quests “Endless Horror” and “Severed Child”. 
  • Ability “Catena Intelligence” (+1 Effort for Intelligence tasks) – take Cantena into your mind (during quest “A Hilt Without a Blade”). 
  • Ability “Erritis’ Luck” (Increased critical success chance) – [UNCONFIRMED, haven’t got this, i think you need to make him stronger to keep him in your mind].
  • Ability “Artaglio’s Cunning” (companions in short range gain +5 Initiative, +15% Willpower, +10% Persuasion, +20% Damage) – take him into your mind in the Gullet (only works if he was absorbed by the maw).

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