Truberbrook – Achievement Guide

On the journey to get all achievements.

Story Related Achievements

  • The Lazarus Incident: Finish the Prologue.
  • Welcome to Trüberbrook: Finish Chapter One.
  • Ode to Klaus: Save Klaus.
  • Paradiso: Finish Chapter Two.
  • The Tannhauser Gate: Finish Chapter Three.
  • … Then I’ll Make You Mine: Attend the concert.
  • Transdimensional Homesick Blues: Finish Chapter Four.
  • Live Together, Die Alone: Finish the Game, Part I -> go through the portal.
  • Hans Tannhauser’s Final Repose: Finish the Game, Part II -> stay.

Note: You should be able to play both endings because the last save point is done when entering the room with the saturn-portal.


  • Beverly: Record 10 dictaphone entries.
  • Wrapped in Plastic: Record 15 Dictaphone Entries.
  • The Foxes Are Not What They Seem: Record 20 Dictaphone Entries.
  • The Lonesome Foghorn Blows: Record 25 Dictaphone Entries.
  • Every Day, Once a Day, Give Yourself a Present: Record 30 Dictaphone Entries.
  • You Remind me Today of a Small Mexican Chihuahua -> Record 35 Dictaphone Entries.

Note 1: Be sure to “look” at subjects. sometimes this triggers the dictaphone-option.

Note 2: It helps to get these dictaphones early on because the gui can hide the option. this happens at least once, when you already have the three items to get klaus down that tree.

Note 3: Some items change during the game and hans records a second message in another chapter.

List of Dictaphone-Entries:

  • Auto on arrive at busstop (prologue)
  • Auto on marketplace
  • Manual cinema
  • Auto after robbery
  • Auto out of hotel
  • Auto at the gondola
  • Manual cable car (now chapter 1) @cable car
  • Manual mountains @ gondola
  • Manual gretchen
  • Manual broken cable
  • Manual yellow phone booth
  • Manual hexagram
  • Manual mouse hole @your room (reported by lefreeque)
  • Manual klaus on tree @ lake (reported by lefreeque)
  • Manual buffet 1 @ pension
  • Manual buffet 2
  • Manual leni girls secret
  • Manual guest house sign @ market place
  • Manual smashed armor
  • Auto wake up in sanatorium (now chapter 2)
  • Auto mine entrance (now chapter 3)
  • Manual tent
  • Auto stranded @cave
  • Manual steel gate / vault (reported by centreng)
  • Manual model planet system
  • Manual phone booth (again) @ cable car
  • Manual hexagon (again)
  • Manual trash dump @ treehouse
  • Manual crows @lake
  • Auto @swamp
  • Manual dinosaur skeleton
  • Manual dead brother of trude
  • Auto cellar @guesthouse
  • Manual mushrooms @swamp
  • Auto @weather station
  • Manual weather station
  • Auto last entry in front of portal (only when going through portal)

Peoples Stories

  • The Patron of Trüberbrook: Listen to the Baron’s Story
  • Family Business: Listen to Trude’s Story
  • Mr Universe: Listen to Lazarus’ Story
  • Road Trip: Listen to Gretchen’s Story
  • Rabbit Hole: Listen to Lessing’s Story
  • Norwegians Call You Lars: Listen to the Sailorman’s Story
  • Insight: Listen to the Alpinist’s Story
  • 16 Years, 304 Days and 9 Hours: Listen to Barbarossa’s Story
  • The Star Cybernetician: Listen to Leni’s Story
  • Partly Cloudy: Listen to Madonna’s Story


  • A Matter of Perspective: Don´t call the cops -> don´t report the theft to trude.
  • Future Imperfect: Make a wish -> throw your coin into the water of the cave.
  • Meteor Police: Make use of the telescope -> use the coin for the looking-glass instead of the wish in the cave, you need a second playthrough.
  • Open, Sesame!: Open the Vault at the 1st Attempt

Order from old to new:

  • Neolithic cave painting – right side of rope, middle of screen
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs – top left corner of screen
  • Latin inscription – a bit left of vault
  • Germanic runes – top of screen, middle
  • Graffito – top right corner of screen

Papers, please!: Read all the newspapers

  • Questhouse chapter 1 – “998 years Trüberbrook” 04.08.67
  • Sanatorium chapter 2 – “dinosaurs in Trüberbrook” 11.08.67 – gretchen is reading this in prologue
  • Control station “Missing” 18.08.67
  • Tree house “Slumbermorel endangered” 25.08.67

  • Beardy Type: Tell Trude about Heinz -> you will find him after getting access to swamp and taking yellow boots and the key
  • Dull Trumps: Discuss the Doppelkopf Rules 10 Times -> with Lazarus
  • Hraban: Send Crows to 6 Different Spots -> 3x market place (antenna / dish, cinema, bucket), tree at the lake, dinosaur in the swamp, trash under the treehouse
  • Gotta Light?: Start 100 Fireworks

Note 1: One achievement (how you spend your coin) needs a second gaming session.

Note 2: As of version v1.11 the achievement “gotta light” is unreachable.

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