Life is Feudal: Forest Village – Rotate Buildings

The secret of rotating buildings.

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How You Do It

This took me quite awhile to notice myself, and it has really bothered me that I could only build 90° villages (or so I thought). Maybe this is common knowledge, but it seems like I’m not the only one really bothered by this, so I hope this makes you as happy as it did me.

But as it turns out, you can rotate buildings however you want by just holding the R-key instead of pushing it. Yes, this changes my life for the better as well.

It seems to work with most buildings and with the various decoration/new building mods I’ve tried too. The only buildings it doesn’t seem to work with are:

  • All types of bridges, including the draw bridge.
  • Crop fields/pastures.
  • Blast furnace.

Otherwise, everything is possible to rotate to your heart’s content!


Life is Feudal: Forest Village - Rotate Buildings
Life is Feudal: Forest Village - Rotate Buildings

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