The Sims 3 – Make Lots of Money without Cheating!

The trick to being wealthy with a little gardening each day. No cheats required.

How to Do It

1. Any Sim can do this technique. No special skills required.

2. Start with a small lot close to town. Build a pole barn structure with a comfy bed, toilet, shower, fridge and chair. Also, get an alarm system because of that sneaky little 8@5t@rd who will come to rob you. Order pizza and keep it in the fridge.

3. Go to the library and read gardening books until you reach level 7.

4. Don’t plant seeds you are given, they are garbage. Search the country side for seeds. You are looking for Special seeds only. For locations of seeds check out Carl’s Guide to Sims 3. If you are playing with Pets turned on, fence your garden in. When you get the Special seeds grab each one and let it hover over the sell slot. If it has value, $27 to $57 it is either Life Fruit or Flame Fruit, plant these on one side of your garden. If the value is $0 it is either Death Flower or Money Tree. Plant these on the other side. Fertilize with lobster. (Having grown up eating crawfish, this is the best use for lobster 😉

5. The next day plants will start to grow. On the Life Fruit/Flame Fruit side, Life Fruit will have a stake for the plant to grow on. Keep these and get rid of Flame Fruit if you want to. On the Death Flower/Money Tree side, Death Flower will have the stake and the Money Tree will look like a sapling. You can relocate the Money Tree outside of the fence. Grow the Death Flower until you have one in your inventory (you can bribe death with it), then no longer grow these. The money trees will grow to produce little sacks of money.

6. Eat the Life Fruit and you won’t age. Sell the money bags for about $1000 per tree.

7. Grow as many Money Trees as you like. I usually stick to 10.

8. Then take a shower. Gardening is dirty work.

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