Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Fix Your Unexpectedly Bad FPS

Are you getting way worse FPS than you should be? Especially 22 FPS? Have a look in here.

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Try These Steps

There seem to be 3 issues here.

1. You have integrated graphics as well as your GPU?

If this is the case the game may be using your iGPU rather than your descrete one. If you are on Nvidia right click on your desktop, go to Nvida Control Panel, manage 3d settings, find Sekiro in the list, and make it use your graphics card. If you have an AMD GPU, god help you, because I have no idea. If this doesn’t work move to step 2.

2. You have multiple monitors or TVs? If not go to step three!

For some reason the game won’t go past 22 FPS if you have more than 1 monitor plugged in. Unplug your second monitor from your PC. You can’t just disable the monitor in windows or turn off the power, physically remove your HDMI / DVI / DP cable. Once the game is running plug them back in if you like

3. Maybe you have a potato for a computer?

Does your graphics card have m at the end of its name, is it an Nvidia 1030/40/50 or god forbid a 930/40/50? Maybe you are on a laptop or low end machine that doesn’t have a discrete graphics card at all? Consider a better graphics card, or lowering settings. This isn’t really a problem with the game 🙁

Written by Gunrun

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